Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Rufus & Arabella

This week, Class 4 have performed brilliantly in their auditions for the Easter play. Thinking and practicing about the characters carefully. The children were very brave as they tackled their first solo singing parts in front of the class and a panel.

In Maths, Class 4 have begun understanding the comparison between decimals and fractions by looking at the tenths and hundredths and will be continuing this topic after half-term.

Wishing everyone a restful half-term holiday.

Spring 1 – Week 3 – Hampton Court Palace

Stars of the Week: Jacob A & Yoki

This week we had a fantastic trip to Hampton Court Palace where we delved into the interesting lives of the Tudors. We toured the incredible gardens, kitchens and rooms and learnt a great deal of Tudor history. The class became investigators as we looked at the evidence of the past and developed a greater insight of King Henry himself.



Spring 1 Week 2 – Art

Stars of the week: Samuel & Anusha

After starting the new term with our new topic, the class have thrown themselves into the study of the artist; Yayoi Kusama. They’ve looked at the features of her work and have created their own. Annotating the different features she used and why they liked them.



Spring 1 Week 1

Stars of the week: Evelyn & Gerard

After a restful break, Class 4 have voyaged into a range of new topics this week. We have begun with the new Tudors topic in history where we learnt about the family tree and the dates of interesting happenings during that time period

In English we have started looking at Aesop’s fables and their morals in preparation to create our very own. In Math, we have continued with division and have now started looking at area and perimeter.


Autumn 2 Week 7

Stars of the week – Rory & Phoebe

This week, Class 4 have been working hard to complete their Beauty and the Beast play scripts, creating very entertaining, well thought out pieces of work.

In DT, children have been designing and constructing their battery operated lights using a variety of materials and circuits to bring their designs to life.

Autumn 2 Week 6

Stars of the week: Lola & Rufus 

Class 4 have worked really hard on their play scripts in Beauty and the Beast. They’ve used stage directions and character dialogue in a play script format to create interesting stories.

In Mathematics, the class have been developing their fluency of short multiplication, tackling worded problems and problem solving  to complete calculations.

Autumn 2 Week 5

Stars of the Week: Joshua & Miriam 

This week, Class 4 saw historical artefacts at the British Museum from the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We saw how the artefacts were clues to the art and culture of the past.

Class 4 would like to say a huge thank you to the adult helpers on this trip. You were brilliant.

Autumn 2 Week 4

Stars of the week: All of Class 4!

This week in Class 4, they excellently presented their collective worship. Showing their brilliant pieces of works from the previous half-term. Showcasing all the subjects and learning they completed.

Over the course of the week, Class 4 have been doing assessments. Showing resilience and performing at their best.