Summer 1, Week 4

Stars of the week: Julie Maria and Raphael

This week the sun has been shining and we’ve spent a lot of time in our outdoor classroom. Julie Maria and Raphael have ensured to treat our outside space with respect and help to tidy it up when it is time to do so.

In Literacy this week, we’ve been writing about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Next week, we’ll be labelling the various parts of a flower. For those of you who have plants at home, notice the different parts: roots, stem, flower, leaves and discuss the purpose of each.

This week in Mathematics, children have been looking at the various different strategies to practice subtraction.

These include using their fingers, a number line, or drawing dots to represent the larger number, and crossing off however many you are subtracting. Children can count the remaining dots to find the answer.

Next week we’ll look at sharing into equal groups again, this time with a focus on odd and even numbers.

We’ll notice how even numbers can be shared into two equal groups, but that odd numbers cannot.

For Art, children have looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and made their own art work in his style, using wax crayons. Next week we’ll be making rainbow butterflies using coffee filter paper, felt tip pens and pipe cleaners.

For PSHE we will be thinking about what job we would like to have when we grow up. At home you can discuss the types of work that your friends and family do to provide them with lots of ideas.

In RE we’ll be asking: How can we show care for our wonderful world?

During the lesson, we’ll take a nature walk around the school groups and to Red Cross Garden. We will practice taking time and appreciating the world around us.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Hardy



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