Autumn 2 Week 3 – Spanish Day

Stars of the Week: Noella and Rory

During Spanish Day, Class 2 learnt to count to ten and worked out some simple sums in Spanish. Then we learnt some basic greetings. After enjoying a Spanish-themed lunch, we created some art inspired by Joan Miro and learnt some Spanish songs.

Well done to Noella and Rory whose artwork was particularly detailed and thoughtful, including lots of the shapes and patterns that Miro enjoyed using.

Next week we will be learning: to use apostrophes for contraction in English, and to find totals of money in maths.

Autumn 2 Week 1 – Maths

Stars of the Week: Alphie and Margot

This week in maths, Class 2 have been learning to add two digit numbers using different strategies. The class have applied themselves brilliantly to their learning and faced new challenges thoughtfully.
Well done!

Have a look at some of the strategies we have been using.
Class 2, which strategies are your favourites?
Can you teach someone else how to do it?

Next week we will be learning… how to subtract two-digit numbers from two-digit numbers, including crossing ten.

Autumn 1 Week 7 – DT Challenge

Stars of the Week: Annamaria and Carter

Well done to Annamaria and Carter for their attention to detail when creating moving dragon puppets! Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed the DT Challenge days and worked hard to design and make a dragon puppet that flaps its wings when a string is pulled. The class learnt how to modify a template to create their own design and tested out lots of decorating techniques in their sketchbooks before completing their puppet.

Autumn 1 Week 6 – The Owl and the Pussycat

Stars of the Week: Anderson and Parker

This week, Class 2 visited the Little Angel Theatre to see ‘The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat.’
Back in class, we made up new verses, imagining the journeys they went on next. Well done to Anderson and Parker
for thinking carefully about rhythm and rhyme!

The owl and the pussycat went to the sun
In a beautiful rainbow rocket.
They took some jam
And plenty of ham
Wrapped up in a turquoise pocket.
– by Anderson

The owl and the pussycat went to a bee
In a beautiful green pea.
They took some cheese
and plenty of bees
Wrapped up in a green tree.
– by Parker

Next week we are learning about... adding one digit numbers to two digit numbers and crossing tens.

Autumn 1 Week 5 – Explorers

Stars of the Week: Ben and Charles

This term, Class 2 have been learning about famous explorers in history. Both Ben and Charles worked hard to include historical details in the diary entries the wrote as the explorers Ibn Battuta and Neil Armstrong.

Next week we will be learning… to design and make moving puppets during DT Challenge Days!

Autumn 1 Week 3 – Dragon Poems

Stars of the Week: Fintan and Saraea

This week in Class 2 we have been writing repetitive poems about dragons. The class got creative thinking about how to use expanded noun phrases to add detail to sentences, and have described some amazing beasts. Saraea used alliteration to great effect, and Fintan chose to introduce rhyme into his poem. Excellent work, superstars!

Read the poems by our stars here:

My dragon
My dragon has a winding tail
that’s covered in a heavy coat of mail.
My dragon has a spiky head
that fills everyone with dread.
My dragon has vivid eyes
that warn everyone to go and hide.
That is my dragon.
– by Fintain

My dragon
My dragon has a spiky head.
My dragon has big sharp shiny teeth with wings.
My dragon has a brown belly.
My dragon has a scaly tail.
My dragon has sharp shiny claws.
– by Saraea

Autumn 1 Week 2 – The Saints of Our School

Stars of the Week: Deborah and Shaye

In R.E. we have been learning about the saints of our school, St. Saviour and St. Mary, and have written some acrostic poems reflecting on important aspects of their lives.

Here are the poems written by our superstars:

Jesus joy.
Everything we do God will save us.
Sad stuff God will help us.
Up in the sky Jesus is there.
Show the way Lord.
– by Deborah

Mary is kind to all people.
All people are kind to other people.
Rocking baby Jesus.
Your baby is in a manger.
– by Shaye