Camp Fire Fun

After a wonderful evening singing songs and roasting marshmallows around the campfire and another good night we are up and ready for our mornings activities. We were also very excited to see a vole, caught in a small mammal trap, released this morning.

Survival, views, bugs and newts

A truly fantastic day so far. We have practiced our survival skills by hiking up Box Hill and building shelters. We enjoyed lunch with a view and found minibeasts and pondlife such as newts.  We were even lucky enough to discover and log (for research purposes) a rare green beetle and a Slow Worm.  We are really looking forward to our campfire after tea.



First afternoon

We have had a wonderful afternoon! We have learned how to take bearings on a compass and used this new skill to follow clues and search for treasure. We have taken the time to take in the beautiful environment around us and we have set our small mammal traps. We are very excited to find out if any mice or other small mammals take advantage of the cozy hotels we have made them.