Spring 2 – Week 4

Stars of the week: Maia & Medhansh

Class 4 put in so much effort with their assessments this week. A HUGE well done!

We continued our learning about volcanoes and were looking at tectonic plates. We were comparing the earth’s crust to a jigsaw – ask Class 4 if you want to know why.

In DT we created our own structures with a pulley system.

Next week remote learning will begin – so keep an eye on the blog.

Spring 2 – Week 3

Stars of the week: Vivienne & Romeo

We had a fantastic trip to the Clapham CLC. Class 4 were programming with Scratch. They were developing their own characters (sprites), settings and stories. Scratch can be accessed on a free website if you want to explore this further.

































In English we have started developing ideas for our volcano diaries. Class 4 came up with descriptive vocabulary to inspire their writing.

Spring 2 – Week 2

Stars of the week: Leonna & Samantha

Class 4 are really enjoying Book Week so far. We have been exploring the life of Helen Keller and writing descriptively about nouns using all our of senses. We read them to Year 3 and they guessed what we were describing. We helped Year 3 to improve their writing too. We also spent some time reading with Reception.

Next week we will continue to explore Extreme Earth – our topic this half term. Class 4 have already learnt lots about volcanoes.

Please remember that on Thursday we have a trip to the CLC.

Spring 2 Week 1

Stars of the week: Lyonna & Kyann

In class 4 this week we began our Easter production rehearsals. The enthusiasm and focus on learning lines, lyrics and stage directions has been brilliant. Keep up the hard work Class 4!

Next week in Class 4 we will be finishing our newspaper reports in english and doing fractions of quantity in maths. It is also Book Week so don’t forget to dress up on Friday!

Spring 1 – Week 6

Stars of the week: Bernice & Tallulah

Class 4 visited Hampton Court to enrich their learning about the Tudors. It was a fascinating day which involved exploring the Tudor parts of the castle, learning about how servants and monarch lived in the castle and exploring the kitchens.

Well done Class 4 on your brilliant recorder performance. You have learnt so much over the last few months and the performance was a real show-case of all your musical skill.

We will be going straight into Easter performance rehearsals the first week back, so please learn your lines and the songs. Enjoy the holidays!

Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Christina & Aya-Grace

History day was a terrifically Tudor-filled day in Class 4. We started by using our addition and subtraction skills to design a banquet for King Henry VIII. In English, the children wrote acrostic Tudor poems. In art, they designed, sketched and painted Tudor outfits for themselves. These will be hanging in the classroom when they are finished.

A group of children performed a Tudor play, written by Constance and Maia. We also had some helpers from younger year. Great team work class 4 – the rest of the class loved it!

We had a special whole school assembly where we created a school timeline of all the historical periods we are learning about.

On Monday we have our recorder concert at 2.40. We are very excited to demonstrate all our musical learning.

In maths, we will begin looking at fractions.

Spring 1 – Week 4

Stars of the week: Courtney & Remy

We have been exploring the importance of Shakespeare this week in history. Class 4 used drama to act out their interpretations of his famous quotes.


In English this week, we looked at hyphenated words. Try and guess the words being acted out below…

In maths we have been looking at area. We will continue this next week.


Spring 1 – Week 3

Stars of the week: Canaan & Joseph

In computing this term we have been looking at the credibility of online sources. We are working with Google Docs to write our own ‘non-credible’ sources and have been sharing and co-editing our documents. Next week, we will be reviewing each others work, identifying what makes them non-credible and adding comments.

In literacy, we have been writing historical fiction about the Tudors – we cannot wait to share our finished pieces.

At the start of the week in maths, we looked at multiplying 3 digit numbers together. Class 4 now have got lots of top tips on the best methods to do this! We have moved onto division and explored place value counters and how they can help us explain the bus stop method. We will continue with this next week.