Summer 2 Week 3 – English

Stars of the week: Amelia and Martha

This week in Class 4, we have started our new class text – the Iron Man. We looked at the different ways that Ted Hughes described the main character, using powerful and imaginative vocabulary, and created a poster of one of the paragraphs. We considered the different types of onomatopoeia that was used to describe Iron Man falling down the cliff, and how Ted Hughes varied the sentence length to keep it exciting and interesting. Amelia and Martha worked very hard to read each sentence, provide inference as to what they mean, and create illustrations to describe the sentences.

Also this week, Class 4 and 5 have a great trip to Westminster School for Science Day. The children got to experience the 3 different sciences in action; with some explosive experiments in chemistry, studying the stars in physics, and exploring the function of our heart in biology. The children were very well behaved and listened brilliantly to all the new knowledge that was given.


Summer 2 Week 2 – Science

Stars of the Week:  Parker and Nifemi

Well done to all Class 4 for their hard work this week during assessments.

This week in science, Class 4 have been working scientifically to study the different ways we can classify plants. We went outside to the peace garden and sketched out the different shapes and sizes of the leaves that we could see. Then we started to compare their features and place them into different classification groups. Next week we are going to design our own classification trees to help compare the similarities and differences between the trees and their leaves.



Summer 2 Week 1 – Poetry Week

Stars of the Week: Alphie and Margot

This week in Class 4, we have been looking at different styles of poetry for poetry week! We started with kennings poems, looked at their key features and then had a go at writing our own. Kennings are poems which are written like riddles with two-phrases on each line. Charles worked really hard to plan out his two-word phrases for each line of the kennings and follow the noun-verb format. We linked the kennings to our previous half-term topic which was Ancient Greece.

After writing our kennings, we looked at how we could plan and write our own haiku poems. Haiku poems follow a 5,7,5 syllable pattern through each line. Margot created a brilliant haiku poem about Ancient Greece and even added an extra two lines of 7 syllables to create a tanka poem.

Summer 1 Week 6 – History Day

Stars of the Week: All of Class 4. 

Well done to all of Class 4 for your  brilliant collective worship. You all spoke so confidently and clearly and you really showed off how much you have learnt this half-term, especially with Ancient Greece. Well done!

You can view the whole collect worship here ->

Also this week, we had a great History Day! In maths, we looked at the number system that the Greeks used and created calculations from these. In English, we looked at the Ancient Greek alphabet and learnt about the meaning behind the different prefixes (such as geo- and anti-) and suffixes (such as -ology and -phobia) that were created from the Ancient Greek language. In the afternoon, the children created their own Parthenon models from paper and they looked brilliant!



Summer 1 Week 5 – British Museum

Stars of the Week: Rileigh and Morraya.

This week in Class 4 we have been looking back at our brilliant trip to the British Museum. We studied so many artefacts (such as different amphoras which told lots of stories, along with the different Greek Gods and Goddesses statues that were placed in the incredible Parthenon). We discussed what it must have been like to uncover these incredible artefacts over 2000 years later!

In English, we started to plan out out a newspaper article about the discovery of the roman mosaic found just around the corner from the school! This mosaic dated back to 225 AD! Class 4 considered the different information to include, along with some witness reports about the discovery. We will finish off the newspaper articles at the start of  next week.


Summer 1 Week 4 – PE

Stars of the week: Amine and Terrence

This week in Class 4, we have been continuing our PE Dance topic which is water. The children created some dances as if they were water in a river that is twisting and turning They considered how they could use their body parts to show the fluidity of water as it moves. I was especially impressed by how well Terrence worked in his group and how supportive he was with everyone’s ideas.

I have created a video of all of their dances below. Click here.

In History, Class 4 started to produce a presentation about their favourite Greek Gods and Goddesses. They considered why they were so powerful and influential, and how they became one of the main 12 figures. Next week they will perform the presentations to the rest of the class.

Summer 1 Week 3 – English

Stars of the week: Martha and Thomas

This week in English, Class 4 have started writing their Ancient Greek myths. They considered the most powerful way to open up a story and jump straight into setting the scene. Martha and Thomas came up with some great openers for their myths and we are looking forward to concluding them next week!


In History, Class 4 have been looking at Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. We studied why they all lived on Mount Olympus, except for Hades who was the God of the Underworld. Next week we are going to be looking at why these figures were so important in Ancient Greek civilisation and how stories were created around them.



Summer 1 Week 2 – Art

Stars of the Week: Shaye and Shia

In Art this week, Class 4 have continued looking at Ancient Greek art – specifically mosaics. They carefully considered the design and texture of famous mosaics , how they are different to collages, and started to plan out one of their own. Class 4 also discussed the reason for mosaics to have contrasting colours for each shape. Shaye considered each of the techniques well and worked hard on creating a mosaic with contrasting coloured pieces of paper.

In History, we looked at the Battle of Marathon. Class 4 discovered who the battle was between (the powerful Persian Empire and Athens) and the victors from the battle. We discussed how the Athenian army were successful in beating the Persians and why Pheidippides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to share the good news (which is why we have the 26.2 mile marathon race today!) Shia worked very hard to order the events from the Battle of Marathon and considered the many reasons why the Persian Empire wanted to invade.


Summer 1 Week 1 – History

Stars of the Week: Carter and Joni. 

Well done to all of Class 4 for settling back into the new term so well.

This week in Class 4 we have started our new History and English topic – Ancient Greece!

In English, we started making predictions about and reading our class text which is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and created some descriptions about some of the terrifying mythical creatures that found within Greek myths.

In History, we discussed the different sources of information that we can use to learn more about a civilisation which is over 2,500 years old! Class 4 looked at artefacts, pictures and paintings and used the internet to investigate Ancient Greek life, and reflected upon which source was most beneficial.

Spring 2 Week 6 – Easter Service

Stars of the Week: All of Class 4. 

Well done to all of Class 4 for your incredible Easter Children performance at Southwark Cathedral. You all acted with such maturity and respect, and you have worked so hard for this day. Your singing was brilliant and you all put on a great show. The multiple rounds of applause at the end were exactly what you deserved.

I am so proud of all the hard work and effort you all put into learning your lines, the songs and the choreography. Well done!