Autumn 1 Week 1 – Welcome back

Stars of the week: Kyann and Aya-Grace

Thank you Kyann and Aya-Grace for being such kind and supportive friends to the new children in our class. You have been excellent role models and you have made them feel very welcome.

Well done to Class 4 for a fantastic first week back at school. I have been so impressed with your eagerness and positive attitude to learning and it means we have already managed to achieve so much.

In English we wrote persuasive letters to convince me of the monitor jobs they thought they should have. Class 4 are so helpful that I am sure we will now have a very organised classroom.

We are looking at place value in maths and Class 4 showed me how well they could work in pairs to solve the questions.

We are hoping for lots of learning challenges this year so have made perseverance posters to help us to stay motivated and encourage our resilience.


In science, our topic this half term is bubbles. We have started looking into the science of bubbles before investigating how to make the best bubble mixture!

What would you like to learn about bubbles? What other investigations would you like to perform? Post here and let me know!


Volcanoes and mountains

Although this half term has only just ended, we like to prepare for the future at Cathedral School. Next half term we will be looking at mountains and volcanoes in geography.
Use this space to post any interesting facts you’ve found about mountains or volcanoes and we will use these in our lessons.
Also let me know anything you would like to find out or activities relating volcanoes and mountains.

International Week

Today we finished International Week by producing some excellent art. We designed and painted our own calavera. These skulls are most commonly seen during the Mexican festival of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, where they celebrate lost loved ones. It is not a sombre time, but rather a time of celebration and the skulls are painted brightly to reflect this.

We will turn all this fantastic art into an amazing display when we return…watch this space!


Tudor Workshop

We recently were visited by Portals to the Past who hosted a Tudor Workshop at Cathedral School. We engaged in lots of different activities including a jousting tournament, cracking Mary’s secret code, a quiz and a traditional game of merels. We also learnt about the struggle for the throne and the gruesome punishments and medicines and treatments that existed at that time!

We had a great day and learnt lots! What are you learning about in history?

Enjoy the video of our very own jousting champion!


Science Enrichment Day

Today we were very lucky to be visited from several scientists from St Guys department of Neurobiology. We worked our way around a carousel of activities including observing using microscopes, using UV lights to identify cells and also using computers to enhance our observations.

We learnt lots today and it really inspired us to learn more about our brains!