Autumn 1 – Week 7

Stars of the week: The whole of Class 4

Well done Class 4 for a brilliant Collective Worship. You really enjoyed sharing all the amazing learning you have done this half term. Your sea dragon was also a roaring success! You showed great problem-solving skills and team work. You should all feel so proud of everything you have achieved this half term.



Week 6 – Science Museum Trip

Stars of the week: Bernice and Medhansh

Class 4 had a brilliant time at the Science Museum on Tuesday. We started by exploring the Wonderlab, where we learnt about a range of science, including lightning, friction, freezing temperatures, electricity and pulleys.

After our Wonderlab explorations, we took part in a workshop called ‘It takes guts!’ which was a truly gruesome insight into the digestive system. It was very interactive and brought to life all the learning we have done at school.

It was a very successful trip; Class 4 behaved beautifully and came away so enthusiastic about all the science learning they had done.


Week 5

Stars of the week: Samantha & Leonna.

In Class 4, we have been learning about Pablo Picasso. Not only have we been experimenting with his artistic style, but we have also made posters and written informatively about his life and artistic influences.























In Science we recreated the digestive system. This will be reinforced, next week, in our school trip to the Science Museum. We also have a dentist coming in to talk to us about keeping our teeth and gums healthy.



In our Viking learning this week, we learnt about Danegeld, performed the poem by Rudyard Kipling and wrote our own verse. Feel free to ask Class 4 to explain what Danegeld is.

Week 4

Stars of the Week: Romeo & Courtney

Well done Romeo and Courtney for showing so much enthusiasm and dedication in your place value maths learning. Keep it up!

Bored of normal life? Well come and join our long-ships! Class 4 have been Viking leaders this week, writing persuasively to try and convince people to join their long-ships. We have been including rhetorical questions, exaggerated language, alliteration and the rule of three. We continued the theme of persuasive writing and the children used drama to try and convince the class that they should be made king!

This week in Class 4 we started our recorder lessons with David. We got off to a great start. We have 14 sessions with David and we cannot wait to see the progress.

In science this week we have been looking at the enzymes found in saliva that break down our food. After 2 minutes of chewing a piece of bread, it went soggy and sweet. Class 4 discovered the enzymes in their mouths were definitely working!

Week 3

Stars of the week: Vivienne and Joseph

I have been very impressed with Vivienne and Joseph this week because of their fantastic attitudes to learning. They are consistently showing an eagerness to learn through their listening skills, effort and focus. You are brilliant class role models.

In English this week, Class 4 have been writing their own mysterious Viking sagas. They have been including different writing techniques to build suspense and atmosphere. Class 4 worked really well in pairs to review and improve their writing too. They are very gripping pieces – well done Class 4.

In Maths, Class 4 are gaining in confidence with place value. We have been counting on in multiples of 10, 25, 50, 100 and 1000. Amazing perseverance Class 4!

Class 4 carried out the experiments they designed in science. They did food tasting to try and figure out the different functions of their teeth.

Autumn 2 Week 2

Stars of the week: Maia and Constance

I was blown away by the imaginative ideas and descriptive writing of Maia and Constance in Extended writing this week. You both managed to use your writing to build a clear and evocative picture of life in a Viking village. Well done!

A huge well done to Class 4 for their first swimming session this week. Class 4 were beautifully behaved and confidently gave it a go, even those who had never swam before! The children have now been assessed so they will start their swimming lessons properly next week.

In English this week we have been writing Viking-style riddles and poems, called Kennings. Class 4 followed the kenning style carefully and came up with original descriptive ideas. Here are a few examples:



In Maths this week we continued to look at place value and had a go at problem-solving. Class 4 showed so much perseverance with their trial and error methods and are focusing on explaining their maths thinking clearly.

Autumn 1 Week 1 – Welcome back

Stars of the week: Kyann and Aya-Grace

Thank you Kyann and Aya-Grace for being such kind and supportive friends to the new children in our class. You have been excellent role models and you have made them feel very welcome.

Well done to Class 4 for a fantastic first week back at school. I have been so impressed with your eagerness and positive attitude to learning and it means we have already managed to achieve so much.

In English we wrote persuasive letters to convince me of the monitor jobs they thought they should have. Class 4 are so helpful that I am sure we will now have a very organised classroom.

We are looking at place value in maths and Class 4 showed me how well they could work in pairs to solve the questions.

We are hoping for lots of learning challenges this year so have made perseverance posters to help us to stay motivated and encourage our resilience.

Summer 2 – Week 6

Stars of the week: Sebastian and Dawud

Well done Sebastian for winning the sibling of the year award – that is fantastic news! Well done Dawud for your fantastic singing during our rehearsals for the play.

Last week, we had sports week and we all really enjoyed the brilliant activities Miss Fishwick had planned for us! We also loved supporting the women’s Fifa World Cup! In English, we wrote scene settings imagining we were at the Stade de Lyon for the final match. We had a fantastic afternoon for Sports Day and loved competing against each other in all of the races. Well done Class 4 for your brilliant team spirit!