Wonderful Animals – Spring 2, Week 2

Stars of the week: Reggie and Cecily
This week in Nursery we have been learning about different kinds of animals. Cecily and Reggie have shown great enthusiasm for their learning and when Jo from Animals UK came to visit they were gentle with all the animals that they got to stroke. Well Done!

In Nursery this week we had a visit from Animals UK. Jo bought lots of different animals that we were able to learn about and see. We got to meet:
Daisy and Toby the tortoises
Jessie the Burmese Python
Danny the Bearded Dragon
Sophie the Skunk
Angus the Lesser Tenrec
Amy the Fennec Fox

We got to stroke lots of the animals – and we even hard to work as teams to lift up Jessie. We loved meeting and learning all about the animals.

Here are some photos of our animal visit.

There will be more photos of us later in the week when it is World Book Day!

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