Summer 1, Week 2!

In RE this half term, we will be exploring one of our school values ‘Peace’.
This week we thought about why the home is a special place for Christians.
Sara explained to us what she does at home as a Christian, and why her home is a special place for her and her family.

Sara told us that she prays with her family every morning, they read The Bible together, and that she wears a cross to remind her that God is always with her.

We thought about why are homes are special to us…
“Because my family live there.”
“Because I play with my toys with my mummy and daddy.”
“Because I feel safe.”
“Because I watch a movie.”

Oro and Florence
Well done to Oro and Florence who both enjoyed listening to Sara talk about her life as a CHristian. Both children were able to ask Sara relevant questions, and were able to talk about why their own homes are special to them.
Well done Oro and Florence!

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