Summer 2, Week 2 – Starry Night

Stars of the Week: Micah and Henry

Well Done to Micah and Henry who this week enthusiastically joined in with our work on Starry Night. We looked at the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh and spoke about what we could see in the painting, and we gave our opinion on if we liked it or not. We then had a go at making our own version using finger painting! Well done!

Next Week It is our assessment week, where we will see all the wonderful learning we have done in Nursery!

Summer 2, Week 1 – A poet comes to visit

Stars of the week: Charlie & Annabella

In class this week we have continued to learn about rhyme, playing rhyming bingo! Annabella and Charlie have done a fantastic job, being able to match the cards in our game and thinking of extra words to create a rhyming string. Well done you two!

We were lucky enough to have a visit on the last day of Summer 1 from Neal Zetter. Neal is a poet! We looked at his book ‘Odd Socks’ throughout the week, and it helped us to practise our rhyming. Here are some photos of us enjoying Neal’s performance.

Summer 1, Week 6 – A ‘quacking’ week!

Stars of the week: ALL OF NURSERY!

Well Done to all of Nursery for taking such good care of our three ducklings, Donald, Daisy and Debbie. Every day Nursery would check that the ducklings had enough food, water and if their brooder was clean. Well done Nursery for showing such caring, we are very proud of you!

This week we finalised our topic ‘What’s in the egg?’. We cared for our ducklings, took them for their first swim and then sent them to the farm on Thursday. Here are photos of us enjoying our time with our ducklings.

We thought of the ways that we can take care of the ducklings too.

Next Half term: We are going to embark on our explorers topic! We are continuing our phonics learning, making sure that we are practicing our segmenting and blending. In Maths we will continue to explore concepts such as adding and subtracting practically. We are also going to be continuing to develop our independence in preparation for our transition to Reception. Have a wonderful half-term break!


Here are our first two ducklings… Donald and Daisy!
We are hoping that the other two eggs which have cracked will hatch over the weekend!

Nursery are very excited about the ducks and have enjoyed watching them this morning!
A very exciting day!

Summer 1, Week 5 – Can you guess what’s growing inside our eggs?

Stars of the week: Alexander and Alberto
Alberto and Alexander have been very excited about the hatching of an animal in Nursery. They made some great predictions about what might hatch, and have been making sure that the eggs are being looked after in the incubator. Well done!

On Monday a visitor bought in an incubator. Nursery learnt what an incubator does – it helps to keep eggs warm, and helps them to hatch! We all made a prediction about what might hatch from the eggs.

We have been patiently waiting and at the time of posting this blog, there are cracks in 3 of our eggs, but nothing has emerged just yet! You will have to check back next week to see what hatches from the eggs!

Next Week: We will be caring for the animals that hatch, and thinking about how we look after them. In Phonics we will be learning about the letter ‘f’ and also be learning about rhyme. This is perfect timing because next week is Poetry Week at Cathedral School, and on Friday we will be meeting the poet Neal Zetter. An exciting week ahead!

Summer 1, Week 4 – Colourful creations

Stars of the week: Thomas and Elowen
Well done to Thomas and Elowen who both showed fantastic understanding in RE this week. Thomas and Elowen were able to talk about a range of God’s creations that Christians believe he created when making the world. Here are some of Nursery’s colourful pictures of God’s creations.

For the past 2 weeks, we have been learning about Dinosaurs – a topic that many of us love! Here are some of the activities that we have been enjoying.

Summer 1, Week 2 – Creation, Caring, Caterpillar Crawling and Climbing Challenges!

Stars of the week: Avani and James
Well Done to Avani and James this week who were fantastic at using our new climbing equipment. They enjoyed the challenge of climbing and maneuvering over and along the equipment. Well Done!

This week Nursery have been very busy!
In RE we revisited the Creation story, matching puzzle pieces and talking about the different things that Christians believe God created. Here are some pictures of us completing our puzzle.

We also showed our caring side this week, taking care of the baby dolls outside. We made sure that they were dressed properly and we then carefully practiced pushing the buggies around.

Some of the most exciting news this week was the arrival of some wonderful new equipment. We got a new caterpillar tunnel that we have enjoyed crawling through. We also got some fantastic new climbing equipment. We have been practicing climbing safely, and making sure that we are not rushing. We have also practiced our balancing, moving along the beams.

Next week: In Phonics we will be learning about the letter ‘h’. For the next 2 weeks, our focus will be on Dinosaurs! ROOOOOOAAAAAR!

Summer 1, Week 1 – Being Kind

Welcome back Nursery! We can’t believe that it is summer term already! Don’t forget as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside to bring a hat and sunscreen (for you to put on) and a water bottle filled with fresh water each day.

Stars of the Week: Ava and Toby
Well Done to Ava and Toby who this week showed that they are invisible kindness bucket fillers! They not only thought about all the different ways we could show kindness, but they also made sure that they were being kind all week – asking people to play with them, taking turns and helping.

In RE this week we thought about the school value of Kindness which is a Fruit of Friendship with God. We read ‘Bear feels kind’. In the story Bear shows kindness to his friends, his family and even people he doesn’t know. We also found out that everyone has an invisible kindness bucket – which fills up each time someone is kind to us. When it is full, we are happy. When it is empty, we are sad. Nursery thought about ways in which we could help fill someone’s kindness bucket!

Next week: In Phonics we will learn about the letter ‘r’. In Maths we will continue learning about addition, by counting two groups to find the total. In English we will be learning a poem about oviparous animals, which we are excited to share with you next week!