Summer 1, Week 5 – Can you guess what’s growing inside our eggs?

Stars of the week: Alexander and Alberto
Alberto and Alexander have been very excited about the hatching of an animal in Nursery. They made some great predictions about what might hatch, and have been making sure that the eggs are being looked after in the incubator. Well done!

On Monday a visitor bought in an incubator. Nursery learnt what an incubator does – it helps to keep eggs warm, and helps them to hatch! We all made a prediction about what might hatch from the eggs.

We have been patiently waiting and at the time of posting this blog, there are cracks in 3 of our eggs, but nothing has emerged just yet! You will have to check back next week to see what hatches from the eggs!

Next Week: We will be caring for the animals that hatch, and thinking about how we look after them. In Phonics we will be learning about the letter ‘f’ and also be learning about rhyme. This is perfect timing because next week is Poetry Week at Cathedral School, and on Friday we will be meeting the poet Neal Zetter. An exciting week ahead!

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