Summer 1 – Week 5

Stars of the Week: Caitlin and Scarlett

Year 2 have finished their Pop-up Books! They look absolutely incredible and I hope that every member of Year 2 feels very proud of themselves for all of their hard work. If you would like to listen to some of our Pop-up Books then please watch the video below. We look forward to doing a ‘live’ reading to Reception Class later on today!

Here is a picture of us sharing our pop-up books with Reception. Thank you for listening so nicely Reception.

Next week, we look forward to celebrating Poetry Week!

Spellings for test on Wednesday 26th May

  • can’t
  • didn’t
  • hasn’t
  • couldn’t
  • it’s
  • wouldn’t
  • shouldn’t
  • wasn’t
  • Mr
  • Mrs

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