Spring 2- Week 6

Stars of the Week: Ted and Freddie

Class 2 have had a special week with several exciting events. On Tuesday they were lucky enough to have a visit from the author Ross Montgomery as well as a workshop at the Cathedral to learn about how the Cathedral changes at Easter time. Both of these occasions were inspirational and engaging and it was wonderful to see the learning that was taking place, as well as the children displaying their prior knowledge. They had interesting questions to ask Ross Montgomery, such as “Why did you want to be an author?” and “What inspired you to write ten delicious teachers?” At the Cathedral the children learnt about why certain images and items were covered in purple cloth, and about the changes of colour in vestments throughout the church year. We also got to see the beautiful pascal candle which will be lit on Easter Sunday, and enjoyed an Easter craft activity too.

Please enjoy some of the photos from our visit and trip this week.

Well done Class 2 for being such enthusiastic learners. Have a wonderful Easter break!

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