Week 1 Spring 2

Stars of the week: The whole of Class 2

Well done Class 2 for behaving so beautifully on our class trip to the Museum of London. Our day was filled with learning about The Great Fire of London and we enjoyed a story-telling workshop which brought it all alive. Class 2 are now historical experts – we will share some of our Great Fire of London learning in our collective worship this half term.

Class 2 have also been working hard this week learning about time; o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and even 5 minute intervals. Please keep practising this at home.


Spring 1 – Week 6

Stars of the week: Lennon & Joshua

We have been researching and creating Indian animal fact posters this week, inspired by our reading of The Jungle Book. We will be presenting our facts to one another on Friday.

In art we were sketching different Thames landmarks, inspired by Hokusai’s Japanese landmarks and will be creating prints of them after half-term.

Well done on an excellent half-term Class 2. Enjoy a restful break.

Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Betty & Ava

In Class 2 this week we have been exploring division and the two ways of solving division questions; sharing equally and equal groups of. Well done Class 2 – your confidence in this has really grown.

In English we wrote and published kenning poems inspired by The Jungle Book – we cannot wait to share them with you!

We have been exploring the meaning behind The Lord’s Prayer in RE and this week we discussed temptation. Class 2 used drama to act out how we can use the phrase ‘What would God do?’ to help guide us when we are tempted by things which are not good.

Spring 1 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Zein & Kayden

We have been learning about microhabitats in Science this week. Class 2 explored the different locations we might find microhabitats and carefully observed the minibeasts in a soil microhabitat. Well done Class 2 for demonstrating so many excellent scientific skills!

In Maths we are continuing to build on our multiplication and division skills. Please keep practising the division inverse once you are secure with multiplication facts. E.g. If I know 5 multiplied by 4 = 20, I know 20 divided by 5 = 4.

Next week in English we will start reading ‘The Jungle Book’.

Spring 1 – Week 3

Stars of the week: Elena & Maxwell

Our art topic this half-term is on Japanese art. We created beautiful cherry blossom pictures this week. We thought about replicating the style with calligraphy brush strokes and making good colour choice for the blossom and birds. We will be hanging them in our classroom for you to enjoy.

In maths this week we have been exploring repeated addition and multiplication.

You can use the website ‘hit the button’ at home to build your times table fluency.







Spring 1 – Week 2

Stars of the week: Yoki & Albert

We have loved immersing ourselves in The Great Fire of London this week. The children have already learnt so many facts! Next week we will be retelling the story of Vlad, a character from the story we have been reading.

In basketball we started our unit by exploring dribbling. Class 2 did an excellent job of incorporating the important skills, despite the miserable weather!

Our computing topic this term is Digital Photography. We spent time this week looking at how to take a photograph and next week we will be thinking about what makes a good photograph and the landscape and portrait format.

Autumn 2 – Week 7

Stars of the week: Lola & Jacob W

In English this week we took inspiration from our science trip and wrote diary entries as if we were astronauts. We have nearly finished publishing them and look forward to sharing them with you after the break.

We have had so much festive fun in Class 2 this week; from Christmas jumper day to our Christmas lunch, from our Class party to the Frosty fair. Thank you again to the Friends of Cathedral for organising such a special fair for us.


Autumns 2 – Week 6

Stars of the week: All of class 2

Well done Class 2 on a fantastic performance in the Cathedral yesterday. You all sung beautifully!

We have been exploring materials in science this half-term and this week did an experiment to make materials waterproof. We learnt how wax can create a layer so water does not get absorbed.


Autumn 2 – Week 5

Stars of the week: Phoebe & Malique

We had an excellent trip to the science museum on Thursday. We had a space workshop, where we learnt all about what it would be like to be an astronaut! Afterwards we explored the galleries and did a materials treasure hunt. We discussed the different properties of materials and their suitability to certain jobs. We are going to use this trip to inspire our writing in English over the next few days.