As well as following the RE Scheme published by Southwark Diocesan Board of Education we also ensure that a strong Christian ethos runs through the whole curriculum.


Religious Education (RE) is not just an academic subject, but, lies at the very heart of the curriculum and has an important role in reflecting and conveying the distinctively Christian character of the school.

RE enables pupils to think theologically and explore the great questions of life and death, meaning and purpose; reflect critically on the truth claims of Christian belief; see how the truth of Christianity is relevant today and face the challenge of Jesus’ teaching in a pluralist and post modern society; experience the breadth and variety of the Christian community and become active citizens, serving their neighbour.


We were proud to receive the RE Mark, Gold Award in 2016.

This award seeks to highlight outstanding practice in Religious Education.

This is a school where RE is given a very high profile.  The expectations for learning and teaching are ambitious and aspirational.   There is no standing still for the subject – teachers and pupils learn from each other.  Partnerships with other schools mean that their school’s outstanding practice is shared with others.”

– Virginia Corbyn RE Quality Mark 2016