Spring 2, Week 3!

A Brilliant Book Week!

Nursery have had a fantastic time celebrating our pirate themed Book Week!

We have had lots of pirate themed activities in our classroom, we have read pirate stories, Year 3 came to our classroom to read and share stories with us, and of course we are looking forward to dressing up as pirates on Friday!

This week the children have been interested in treasure and treasure maps, and as a class we thought about what the word ‘treasure’ means. We decided that it meant something that was precious, and we had a class discussion about things that are precious to us. The children came up with lots of brilliant ideas including their families and friends, their favourite toys, pets and even their favourite toys!

We looked at different treasure, including beads, gems and coins, thinking about what they looked like, including their shape, colour, and any patterns or numbers they had on them.

After looking at the coins, we created our own treasure coin showing something that we “treasure” or something that is special to us. The children enjoyed drawing their families and friends and their favorite toys or activities. They then added some glitter and gems, so that their coins would sparkle like real treasure!

Take a look below at our special treasure coins…

We still have lots to look forward to during the rest of Book Week, so please come back next week to see more photos!

Lorenzo and Leo
Both boys have thoroughly enjoyed our pirate themed book week. They have shown lots of enthusiasm when participating in the different activities, and came up with lovely ideas for their treasure coins.
Well done boys!

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