Summer 2, Week 1!

Our new topic for the final half term in Nursery is ‘What’s in the Egg?’

We will be learning about animals that hatch from eggs, as well as the names of baby animals. We will also look at how seeds are planted, and what they need to grow.

The children have enjoyed using our new garden centre role play area this week, and have engaged in imaginative play being both customers and shop assistants, planting and watering seeds, picking flowers and looking after a hen and her eggs and chicks.

Our reading garden is now also full of different fiction and non-fiction books, related to our topic.


Well done to all of the children in Nursery, who have come back to school full of energy and enthusiasm, ready for their last half term in Nursery!


Summer 1, Week 5!

As part of our ‘Excellent Explorers’ topic, we have been learning about dinosaurs.

We know that they lived millions of years ago, and are now extinct.

We made our own fossils, constructed our own dinosaur skeleton artwork, and write what we know about dinosaurs!


Isla and Leo!
Both children have enjoyed our explorer topic this half term, and have been enthusiastic when learning about dinosaurs.
Isla produced some fantastic writing, applying her phonic knowledge independently, and thinking carefully about her letter formation.
Leo created brilliant dinosaur art work, including a dinosaur skeleton collage. He also enjoyed making a dinosaur fossil, showing curiosity and interest in how fossils are formed.
Well done both of you!

Summer 1, Week 3!

This week we studied the painting ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh. We looked carefully at it and talked about what we could see. We thought about why these colours had been used, and how the painting made us feel.

We then created our own starry night paintings, using tinfoil, pains, cotton buds and paintbrushes. We created swirls, lines and marks with the cotton buds, looking carefully at the colours used in the painting. We then used black paint and paintbrushes to create shapes and buildings.

Take a look at our fantastic creations below!

Eliza and Leonardo
This week, both Eliza and Leonardo have enjoyed being artists, creating their own ‘The Starry Night’ paintings. They were able to talk about what they could see in the painting, and how it made them feel.
Both children have also enjoyed making rockets in our workshop this week, demonstrating a range of skills independently, including using scissors to cut, sticking with both glue and masking tape, as well as creating their own design onto their rocket.
Well done Eliza and Leonardo!

Summer 1, Week 2!

In RE this half term, we will be exploring one of our school values ‘Peace’.
This week we thought about why the home is a special place for Christians.
Sara explained to us what she does at home as a Christian, and why her home is a special place for her and her family.

Sara told us that she prays with her family every morning, they read The Bible together, and that she wears a cross to remind her that God is always with her.

We thought about why are homes are special to us…
“Because my family live there.”
“Because I play with my toys with my mummy and daddy.”
“Because I feel safe.”
“Because I watch a movie.”

Oro and Florence
Well done to Oro and Florence who both enjoyed listening to Sara talk about her life as a CHristian. Both children were able to ask Sara relevant questions, and were able to talk about why their own homes are special to them.
Well done Oro and Florence!

Summer 1, Week 1!

The children have all come back to school and settled back in brilliantly! The Nursery staff have been really impressed with how quickly they have got back into the daily routine, and it has been lovely to see them enjoying the different provision areas in the classroom.

Our topic this term is ‘Excellent Explorers’. The children have already been thinking about what an explorer is, and the different types of explorers there are.

Our role play area this half term is space themed, with astronaut suits, a rocket and a construction area to build our own aliens!

Our book corner is also explorer themed this term, with a selection of both fiction and non-fiction books about topics such as space, pirates and jungle explorers!

Caragh and Iker
Well done to both Caragh and Iker, who have settled back into the school routine, and have enjoyed exploring our new topic this week, by spending time in both the role play area and the book corner.
Great work both of you!

Spring 2, Week 6!

Thank you to all our Nursery families for supporting the children in the various Easter activities that have been held this week. The children enjoyed you all visiting our classroom for Stay and Play and joining in with the Easter crafts. We are also so proud of them after their fantastic performance at the Cathedral this morning!

Please see some photos of our Stay and Play session below, and we hope you all have a lovely Easter break!

Spring 2, Week 5!

In Nursery this week, we have been learning about repeating patterns.
We learnt that a pattern is a series that is repeated more than once.

We began by looking at 2 colour repeating patterns, moving on to 3 colours.

We made our own repeating patterns with the compare bears, and then transferred these to paper.

Later this week we are creating our own repeating pattern caterpillars! Keep a look out for them in next week’s blog post!

Oro and Alexandra!
Both Oro and Alexandra enjoyed participating in this week’s pattern activities. Both girls were able to use 3 colours to create their own repeating pattern with the compare bears, and enjoyed creating their own patterns independently at the Math’s challenge table!
Great work, girls!

Spring 2, Week 4!

In Expressive Arts and Design this week, we have explored the painting called ‘Little Blue Horse’ by artist Franz Marc.
We talked about what an artist is, and what we could see in the painting, including the shapes and colours.
We read ‘The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse’ by Eric Carle – a book inspired by Franz Marc’s painting.
We looked at the different animals and bright colours used in the book, and created our own brightly coloured, collaged animals. These included a yellow cow, a purple rabbit and a green tiger!

Billie and Florence
Both girls really enjoyed reading the story of the Little Blue Horse this week, and put a great deal of effort into creating their own collaged animals – a pink unicorn and a blue horse!
Well done girls!