Spring 2, Week 3!

A Brilliant Book Week!

Nursery have had a fantastic time celebrating our pirate themed Book Week!

We have had lots of pirate themed activities in our classroom, we have read pirate stories, Year 3 came to our classroom to read and share stories with us, and of course we are looking forward to dressing up as pirates on Friday!

This week the children have been interested in treasure and treasure maps, and as a class we thought about what the word ‘treasure’ means. We decided that it meant something that was precious, and we had a class discussion about things that are precious to us. The children came up with lots of brilliant ideas including their families and friends, their favourite toys, pets and even their favourite toys!

We looked at different treasure, including beads, gems and coins, thinking about what they looked like, including their shape, colour, and any patterns or numbers they had on them.

After looking at the coins, we created our own treasure coin showing something that we “treasure” or something that is special to us. The children enjoyed drawing their families and friends and their favorite toys or activities. They then added some glitter and gems, so that their coins would sparkle like real treasure!

Take a look below at our special treasure coins…

We still have lots to look forward to during the rest of Book Week, so please come back next week to see more photos!

Lorenzo and Leo
Both boys have thoroughly enjoyed our pirate themed book week. They have shown lots of enthusiasm when participating in the different activities, and came up with lovely ideas for their treasure coins.
Well done boys!

Spring 2, Week 2!

This week in Nursery we have started to think about how the season is changing from winter to spring. We have also started our new RE topic ‘New Life’, in which we learn about the story of Easter.

We have talked about the changes that happen around us when the season changes to spring, and the children were able to discuss how the weather gets slightly warmer, the trees start to grow back their leaves and blossom, and flowers such as daffodils begin to appear.

At the end of last week, the children created their own daffodil collages, using tissue paper and paint. They cut tissue paper to make a stem and leaves, and used a fork to print the petals.

Take a look at our wonderful art work below…

Eliza and Iker
Well done to Eliza and Iker who both did some brilliant number work this week, adding and taking one away from any number up to 10, without the aid of a number line. Well done you two!

Spring 2, Week 1!

Welcome to the second half of the spring term in Nursery!

Our topic is ‘Amazing Animals’, and we have been already learning about different animals, and where they live.

Our Reading Garden has an animal theme this half term, and the children are enjoying looking through both fiction and non-fiction animal books, as well as telling their own stories with the animal puppets!

Our role play area is a farm and farm shop. The children have enjoyed exploring and engaging with their friends to create their own narratives.


Isla and Caragh
Well done to Isla and Caragh who have had a fantastic first week back, settling back in and remembering our class rules. Both girls have enjoyed engaging in imaginative play in the farm role play area, and were able to talk about the types of animals we might find on the farm.

Spring 2, Week 4!

During this half term, we have learnt about different people within our community who help us, including postal workers, firefighters, hospital workers, vets and the police!

This week we made a class book about what we would like to be when we grow up. We can’t wait for our grown ups to see it at Parent’s Evening!

Oro and Alexandra
Alexandra has had a great start to Nursery. She has enjoyed exploring the classroom and making new friends. She understands the rules of the classroom, and follows instructions the first time she is asked.
Oro has enjoyed using our independent writing area this half term, and has been applying her phonic knowledge to write cards and label pictures.
Well done Oro and Alexandra!

Spring 1, Week 3!

This week we read the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’, and talked about the choice he made, and how it impacted others.

The children recognised that he made a kind choice to help someone else. We thought about how we could be kind like the Good Samaritan…
“Play nicely with my friends.”
“Share my toys with my sister.”
“Give my friends a hug.”
“Do the right thing.”

In Nursery we always try to make kind choices everyday.

Florence and Leonardo!
Both children are this week’s superstars, for always showing kindness towards others, and for being super helpful around the classroom!
Well done Florence and Leonardo!

Spring 1, Week 2!

This week in Nursery, we have been thinking about the change in weather. We have talked about the season of winter, and how the world around us changes.
We know that the temperature is much colder and we have to wrap up warm when we go outside! We also know that the trees lose all their leaves, and the sky is often filled with clouds. This week we have also noticed ice outside!

We created some beautiful art work this week, based on the theme of winter. We carefully cut and glued tissue paper to form a winter fir shaped tree. We then finger painted snow onto the tree, to give it an extra winter effect!
Take a look at our creations below:

Billie and Lorenzo!
Billie and Lorenzo have really enjoyed spending time in our role play area this week, which is a doctor’s surgery, linked to our ‘Real Life Superheroes’ topic. Both children have engaged in some fantastic imaginative play, acting out a narrative and working cooperatively.
Well done to Billie and Lorenzo!

Spring 1, Week 1!

Happy new year to all our families, and we hope you had a lovely Christmas!

The Nursery children have settled back into school beautifully this week, and have enjoyed exploring the classroom and interacting with their friends and staff!

This half term our topic is ‘Real Life Superheroes’, and we will be thinking and learning about the different people who help us in our community.

This week we enjoyed reading ‘The Jolly Postman’, and learnt about the role of postal workers, and how important they are in our community. We talked about the different types of post you can receive, and the children have enjoyed writing letters and postcards in our independent writing area, and posting them in our post box.

We also made ‘Thank You’ cards for our grown ups, as we talked about how important they are, and the ways in which they help us!

As the half term goes on, we will learn about other important roles within our community, including the emergency services, vets and construction workers!

Eliza and Leo
Well done to Eliza and Leo, who have both settled back into school really well, remembering the routines of the day and following the class rules.
Both children also worked really hard during Phonics sessions this week, and put in lots of effort to apply their phonic knowledge when writing their thank you cards.
Well done both of you!

Autumn 2, Week 7!

It has been a week of festive fun in Nursery!

We have performed our Nativity; hosted our Christmas Stay and Play for our grown ups; enjoyed our Christmas party, as well as eaten a special Christmas dinner!

Miss Bailey, Sara and Debbie were so proud of how well the children performed The Nativity! Everyone sang and joined in with the actions beautifully!
Please look out for a video and photos of the performance on the blog next week!

Thank you to all the grown ups that came to our Christmas Stay and Play session! We hope you had lots of fun joining in with all the Christmas crafts!

Everyone in Nursery!
Well done to all the children, not only for a great Nativity performance, but also for a great second half of the Autumn term! Miss Bailey, Sara and Debbie can all see how much progress the children have made since September, and we are so proud of all of you!
We wish all of our Nursery families a very merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2024!

Autumn 2, Week 5!

This week we have been exploring 2D shapes, learning about their different properties and using the correct mathematical vocabulary to name them.

We used this knowledge to help us create our own shape snowmen. We selected the shapes we wanted to use for the head and body, and arranged them on the paper to make a snowman, adding arms and legs!

The children enjoyed selecting the different shapes to make their snowmen, and are now all more confident in naming 2D shapes and discussing their properties.

Isla and Iker
Both children enjoyed taking part in our shape activity, demonstrating enthusiasm and confidence. Isla and Iker could both name a variety of 2D shapes, and are beginning to be able to discuss their properties independently.
Well done both of you!