Autumn 1, Week 7!

This week we have been exploring musical instruments!
Everyone enjoyed using a variety of instruments, and learning their names! We talked about the different sounds they make, and whether they were loud or quiet, hard or soft.

We then made our own musical shakers, filling bottles with pasta or small beads, and decorating them! We learnt that if we wanted a loud shaker, we had to fill it with pasta, and if we wanted a quieter shaker, we had to fill it with the beads.

We then enjoyed using our shakers in different ways – shaking them hard, then a bit more softly, as well as fast and slow!

Everyone in Nursery!
Wow! Miss Bailey, Sara and Debbie can’t believe we are at the end of our first half term in Nursery!
We are so proud of how well all of the children have settled into school, learning the daily routine so quickly, and establishing great relationships with both the staff and their peers!
Well done everyone, enjoy the half term break!

Autumn 1, Week 6!

This week in Maths, we have been focusing on number recognition and our 1:1 counting skills.
We read ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ by Eric Carle, which inspired us to make our own ladybirds!

We rolled a dice and counted out that many spots, and stuck them onto the ladybird’s wings. We then matched the correct numeral to the total number.

Please take a look below at our number ladybird display…

Leonardo and Lorenzo
Both children enjoyed joining in with this activity. They were able to carefully select the correct number of spots for their ladybird, and match the corresponding numeral.
Well done you two!

Autumn 1, Week 5!

In Nursery this week we have been learning about Autumn. We talked about the changes that happen from summer to autumn, and how the world around us begins to look a bit different.
We know that in the autumn, the leaves begin to fall from the trees, and turn brown, red and orange! We also know that the weather begins to get a bit cooler, and we will need to wear our jumpers and jackets!

We read ‘Leaf Man’, by Lois Ehlert. The story is about a man made of leaves, drifting over the fields, meadows and rivers, amongst other places. No one’s quite sure, but this much is certain: A Leaf Man’s got to go where the wind blows.

We made our own leaf men and decided where they would blow to…

Isla and Oro!
Well done to Isla and Oro who both enjoyed listening to the Leaf Man story, and were both able to talk about what was happening, and their favourite part. Oro and Isla both had great ideas about where their own leaf men might blow to, and demonstrated excellent fine motor skills when cutting and sticking their leaves together!
Great work you two!

Autumn 1, Week 4!

This week in Nursery we read the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’.
We learnt how God sent a flood and told Noah to build an ark, taking two of every animal with him.

The children talked about the story, demonstrating their understanding:
“They had an ark to be safe.”
“God said he would paint a rainbow. The rain was going to make a river. Noah saved all the animals.”
“The nice man built the ark.”
“Noah built a big boat for all the animals and him!”
“the animals were safe on the ark. The water came down.”
“There were lots of colourful animals. Noah made the ark.”
“The animals wanted to get on the boat.”

We made arks and chose two animals to go inside. We decorated them with colourful rainbows, because God sent a rainbow to Noah, because he was special!

Keep a look out for our arks on a display in our classrooms in the next couple of weeks!

Billie and Florence
Billie and Florence both enjoyed learning the story of Noah’s Ark this week. Both children were able to talk about the story, understanding the main parts and their favourite parts.
Well done girls!

Autumn 1, Week 3!

This week we have been reading ‘The Great Big Book of Families’. We have been thinking about how every family is different, but they are all special.

We also started to think about how we all look different. We used mirrors to look at ourselves and talk about the colours of our skin, hair and eyes.
We then painted our self portraits and hung them in the Nursery art gallery!

Caragh and Iker!
This week we have been practicing tidying up the different learning areas. Caragh and Iker have been very sensible and helpful, remembering where things need to be put away, and making sure the Nursery looks tidy!
Well done you two – thank you for being so helpful this week!

Autumn 1, Week 2!

A big welcome to all our new families, and a massive WELL DONE to all the Nursery children, as they complete their first full week at Nursery!

Miss Bailey, Sara and Debbie have been so impressed with how quickly they have settled in. Everyone is making friends, sharing their thoughts and ideas with the class, and beginning to understand the daily routines. The Nursery staff have really enjoyed getting to know the children!

Please take a look at some pictures of us enjoying our first week!

ALl the children have been super stars this week! We are very proud of how well they have settled in, and the progress they have already made!
Well done all of you!

Summer 2, Week 5!

Nursery enjoyed a fabulous trip to the farm today!
As part of this term’s topic, we visited the farm to learn more about the types of animals that live there.

We travelled by bus, and were all super sensible.

We saw ducks, geese, ponies, sheep, goats, cows and pigs! We all had the opportunity to feed the goats, and it was so much fun!

Please take a look at the photos from our trip…

All the children in Nursery!
Miss Bailey and Sara were so proud of how sensibly the class travelled to and from the farm today. Everyone was a credit to Cathedral School.
Nursery – you are all super stars!

Summer 2, Week 4!

Our RE topic this half term has been ‘God’s Wonderful World’. We read ‘The Creation Story’, and learnt that God created the world in 7 days.
We each painted part of the Creation Story, using our phonic knowledge to write key words or a short sentence.
Take a look at our fantastic paintings and writing…

Nyra and Joseph
Nyra and Joseph really enjoyed learning about The Creation Story. They are able to talk about the different things God created on each day, and created brilliant paintings for our RE display!
Well done you two!

Summer 2, Week 2!

This week in Maths we have been learning more about addition. We know that you have to count all the objects in both groups to find the total.
To link with our ‘Growing’ topic, we made addition ladybirds.
We counted out the spots on each wing to find the total.
We are beginning to write addition number sentences, using the plus and equals symbols.

Meadow and Jack
Both children worked really hard during our Maths activities this week. They both put in lots of effort, and it is great to see the development they have both made in their understanding of numbers over the year.
Well done Meadow and Jack!

Summer 2, Week 2!

This week we have enjoyed spending lots of time outside, in a cool, shaded area under the trees.

The children enjoyed participating in calming activities such as drawing, reading stories and building with lego.

Miss Bailey and Sara have also been so impressed with how much progress the children have made in Phonics this year. The children have been practicing their independent writing this week – applying their phonic knowledge to write simple words. We have also focused on our letter formation, ensuring we are using the correct directional movements.

Here are some photos of the children using our outside classroom this week…

Nina and Julie-Maria
Well done to both girls who have worked really hard in Phonics this week. Miss Bailey and Sara are very proud of how much progress you have made in your independent writing over the year.
Well done!