Spring 2, Week 6 – Easter Egg-stravaganza

Stars of the week: All of Nursery!

This week in Nursery we have been enjoying lots of Easter themed provision, thinking about the symbols of Easter such as the cross, eggs and rabbits. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our Easter learning.

Children will receive their books for the holidays as well as a Phase 2 Phonics Workbook to complete throughout the holidays if you would like to. You are still able to access any resources we shared with you during Home Learning via our Home Learning site, as well as the Espresso Phonics videos.

We hope that you all Nursery families have a safe and restful break over the holidays.

What are we learning next?: In Phonics we will be learning about the letter u and the sound it makes. We will be starting our topic ‘What’s inside this egg?’, thinking about the different animals that hatch from eggs. In RE we will be thinking more about the Creation story and God’s Wonderful World.

Spring 2, Week 5 – Sound Shark

Stars of the Week: Amelia and Theodore

Amelia and Theodore were super starts this week. When completing our blending and segmenting activity with Sound Shark, they were able to listen carefully to the sounds that he said, and then blend them altogether to figure out the word. This is a tricky skill to master but Amelia and Theodore have done a brilliant job! Well Done!

It was another busy week this week in Nursery with lots of measuring happening in Maths, and using the correct vocabulary like longer, shorter, taller and tallest.

In Phonics and English this week, we have been using Sound Shark to help us with our blending and segmenting. Sound Shark only speaks in sounds – he doesn’t say whole words, so we have to blend the sounds that he says together to help us figure out which word he says. For example, instead of saying ‘cat’ he would say c/a/t. And he would not say ‘box’ he would say b/o/x. We are always practicing our oral blending and segmenting in Nursery as it is an important step on our Reading journey.
Here are some pictures of us working with Sound Shark.

Next Week: In our last week of Spring Term we will be having an Easter Egg…stravaganza! In RE we will continue to look at the Easter Story and thinking about the symbols of Easter. Our literacy and maths, will also be Easter themed, going on an egg hunt and Easter crafting. Miss Bailey and Miss Godsell will be meeting with parents over the phone for Parent’s Evening on Wednesday.

Spring 2, Week 4 – Learning about Easter.

Stars of the Week: Micah and James
This week we have been showing Miss Bailey, Miss Godsell and Debbie all of our wonderful learning. James and Micah have been working so hard in their learning at school and at home, that they know most of their letter sounds that we have been learning. Even more impressively, they are beginning to apply them in the writing! Well done both of you!

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about the Easter story. We learned that there are happy and sad parts of the Easter story, like when Jesus arrived on a donkey and the people were waving their palm leaves, and when Jesus died. We shared what we know about Easter. Some of the things we know are that around Easter there are lots of new animals born, like chicks and lambs. We also know that flowers and trees start to blossom again, and there is new life all around. We also know that the Easter Bunny might bring us chocolate!

Next week: In Phonics, we will be learning about the letter ‘e’. In English we will continue to practice blending and segmenting. In Maths, we will be exploring measurement and making sure that we are using the correct vocabulary.

Spring 2, Week 3 – Back at School!

Stars of the Week: ALL OF NURSERY!
Well done to everyone in Nursery – you are all superstars! Not only did you enthusiastically join in with our home learning over the past few months, but you have all come back to school enthusiastic and eager to learn!

It had been a long time since we had all been in our classroom together, but this week Nursery class has been a hive of activity.
We have enjoyed being back with our friends, and exploring our classroom again. We have been lucky enough to get some new outdoor equipment – new bikes, scooters, trampolines and hoppers. Our role play area has been transformed into a Construction Site!

This week in RE we have been learning about one of our school values – a fruit of the spirit – Gentleness. We thought of the ways that we use our hands in kind and gentle ways.
– Kind hands share.
– Gentle hands give hugs.
We also practiced being gentle with the water balloons – we had to throw some balloons so that they popped and throw some gently. It was lots of fun! Here are some pictures of us being gentle (and not so gentle!) with the water balloons.

Next week: In Phonics, we are going to be learning about the ‘ck’ sound, as well as continuing to practice blending and segmenting. In Maths we are revisiting 2D shapes. In RE, we are beginning to learn about the Easter story and why it is important to Christians.

Home Learning Link

Hello Nursery,

We hope that you all had a lovely break and are ready for some more learning. Our learning will be a little different to start Spring term as you will be at home, rather than us all being together at school.

You can find our daily learning here: https://sites.google.com/csmo.org.uk/nursery-homelearning/

When you do the activities you can send them to us via EvidenceMe, or your grown-ups can email them to us.
Miss Bailey: missbailey@ictcathedral.org.uk

Miss Godsell: missgodsell@ictcathedral.org.uk

Grown-Ups – if you need to contact us, please do so via the emails above.

Stay safe Nursery, we will see you soon!

Autumn 2, Week 7 – Merry Christmas from Nursery!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have had a wonderful day celebrating Christmas at Cathedral School. Today we wore our Christmas Jumpers and got into the festive spirit singing Christmas songs. We had our delicious Christmas lunch altogether and then in the afternoon had a fantastic party! We did lots of dancing and played pass the parcel. Our amazing day ended with someone making a snowy mess in our classroom – Father Christmas! He dropped by to deliver some gifts for us! What a day!

Here are some pictures of our fun day!

We have also been working hard to learn our Christmas songs. You can see the video of our song, as well as the rest of the school’s performances here: http://www.cathedralprimaryschool.com/christmas-2020/
If you are impressed, please leave a comment for us!

Finally, we designed some Christmas cards for the residents of Lucy Brown House. The competition was organised by the Friends of Cathedral School. Everyone did a wonderful job, and our 3 winners are pictured with their cards below.

Well done to everyone in Nursery! You have all had a fantastic first term and come so far in your learning!Autumn term certificates:
Writing: Elowen, LJ, Charlie, Thomas
Maths: Micah, Toby, Ava, Avani
PSHE: Amelia, Annabella, Henry, Tehya
Lots of children also received certificates for 100% Attendance in the Autumn term which is fantastic! Well done everyone!

We would like to wish all Nursery families a very safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all your continued support this year. See you in 2021!
Miss Godsell, Miss Bailey & Debbie

Autumn 2, Week 6 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Stars of the Week: Tehya and Annabella

Well done to Tehya and Annabella for listening carefully to the initial sounds in words when writing their Christmas lists!

This week in Nursery we have continued learning and thinking about Christmas! In English we used our phonic knowledge to listen out for the initial sounds in words when writing our Christmas lists!

In RE we learnt about the different symbols of Christmas, including the star, the wreath and the tree. We chose our favourite symbol and spoke about why we liked it:

“We have a star at home in the Christmas tree” – Jonah
“There are presents under the tree and a star on the top” – Grace
“The presents go under the tree. I help my mum” – Charles

We also made some angels using wooden pegs, paper plates, paint and glitter. They have made a beautiful Christmas window display!

Autumn 2, Week 5 – Can you do it?

Stars of the Week:Amelia & Jonah

Well done to Amelia and Jonah for thinking of different ways that they can move their body.

This week we have been thinking about all the different things that we can do with our bodies like clapping our hands, bending our knees and turning our head. Using the book “From Head to Toe” we were inspired to make our own class book. You can listen to the story too:

What can you do?
Here are the pictures of all the things that we can do with our body, can you do it?

Next Week: In phonics we will learn about the sounds that ‘i’ makes. We will continue with our learning about Christmas, looking at the symbols of Christmas likes candles, trees and wreaths.

Autumn 2, Week 4 – Dazzling Displays

Stars of the week: Christine and Thomas

This week was Assessment Week in Nursery. We all had the chance to show off all the wonderful learning that we have been doing. Thomas and Christine tried their very best all week! Well done both of you!

In our classroom we have put together some lovely displays since beginning school. We thought that you would like to see some of them! All of our displays feature children’s work – some of which has been done independently and some with the teachers. We hope you enjoy seeing what has been happening in our classroom

Next week: In Phonics we will learn the sound made by the letter ‘p’. We will be thinking about all of the different things that we can do with our bodies, writing a class version of Eric Carle’s book, ‘From Head to Toe’. In Maths we will be practicing our counting. Our classroom will be changing into a Winter Wonderland as we continue learning about Christmas and the weather changes we are seeing.

Autumn 2, Week 3 – World Nursery Rhyme Week

Stars of the Week: All of Nursery

Well done to all of Nursery who this week have participated in World Nursery Rhyme Week, along with hundreds of thousands of other children around the world. All the children enthusiastically joined in singing this years nursery rhymes and the follow up activities.

We sang the Wheels on the Bus. We chose how many people to put on a bus, matching number to quality.

We sang 5 Little Speckled Frogs. We ordered 5 frogs according to their size.

We sang Hickory Dickory Dock. We learned about clocks, and chose what time our clocks will show. We then put that many fingerprint mice onour clocks. We learned the makaton sign for clock.

We sang Old MacDonald Had A Farm. We learned the makaton signs for some farm animals. Our follow up activity was to choose a farm animal, drawing it and thinking about the sound it makes.

We sang Miss Polly Had A Dolly. We thought about what we would do to look after a poorly baby.

Photos of us enjoying World Nursery Rhyme Week will be uploaded shortly.

Next week:We will be showing all of the wonderful learning that we have done so far in Nursery. We will also be starting our learning about Christmas, including Christmas songs that you will be able to see us perform (via video) later in the term.