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Minutes Parents Forum Meeting 15th Nov

Minutes Parent’s Forum meeting 03 10 13 

Parent Forum Constitution

1:The Parent Forum is an organisation which is created by the Governing Body and resourced by the school.  Its purpose is to discuss and communicate the views and ideas of all Cathedral School parents and to bring them to the attention of the Governing Body.  The Governing Body is responsible for its creation but carries no further role, except to provide their views on specific issues.

2:The term “parent” in this context covers any person who has legal responsibility for a Cathedral School pupil.

3 Each class, including Nursery, shall be represented on the Forum by a maximum of two representatives per class.  If more than two parents put themselves forward for one class, two representatives shall be elected by parents from the relevant class from the pool of candidates.  Those offering to be parent representatives should be prepared to serve for a minimum of one academic year.

4:Of the representatives, a Chair and Vice-Chair are to be elected to serve for a period of one year and other posts may be created as necessary.

5:No governor of the School is to be a parent representative of the Forum.

6:There are to be a minimum of two meetings of the Forum per term.  One meeting will be for representatives only and one open to all parents/carers. Meetings are to be held at a suitable location and at times convenient to, and agreed by, parent representatives.

7:Minutes of all Forum meetings are to be kept and circulated to all parents and the Governing Body.

8:Forum meetings are to consider any issue save those relating to an individual parent, pupil or member of staff and the specific content of the curriculum.

9:The Forum is a constructive, positive body of parents and not a vehicle for complaints about the school.  It is not a fundraising organisation per se but will support and stimulate fund-raising activities for school-related projects.

Topics that have been on the agenda so far include:

Marlborough playground redevelopment, updating the uniform policy, after-school activities, sports provision, tips for new parents, cake sales to raise money for charities and school facilities, school fete, mini-Olympics in Marlborough Playground, parent reading rota, second hand uniform stall and involvement in community matters.

We welcome all contributions from parents.  We know that parental involvement and cooperation has a significant and positive impact on children’s development.  Please come along to a meeting to find out more!  See the newsletter for details on where and when.