Recent Assessment Results 2015

Children enter the school broadly in line with national expectations and by the time they leave in Year 6 are achieving well above national averages in all subjects. The rate at which the children make progress in their time here is exceptional.

KS2 Results 2015 – Progress

2 Levels is seen as ‘expected progress’ and 3 Levels is a higher rate of progress. This is measured from end of KS1 to end of KS2. In particular, the 100% of 3 levels progress in writing is exceptional.

2 Levels

KS2 Results 2015 – Attainment

Level 4, or more recently L4B, is the expected standard for Y6 at the end of Year 6. The proportion of children achieving Level 5 and Level 6 is  significantly above average and should once again see us in the top 2% of schools, when the results are collated fully in December.

lelvel 4b

Level 5

KS1 Results 2015

The proportion of children achieving Level 2B (the expected standard at Y2) and Level 3 (a higher level) is above average in all subjects.

level 2

level 3

Year 1 Phonics

The Year 1 phonics test results were very positive and well above national.


The school is very proud of these outcomes and they are a testament to the dedication and talent of the staff as well as effective partnerships with parents.