Spring 2, Week 6

Stars of the Week: All of Reception!

It’s been a busy week in Reception, we have had our Class Collective Worship, a Stay and Play session and we’ve been to the Cathedral and performed our hymn. Every single member of the class spoke beautifully and read their lines clearly and in time, they all deserve to be celebrated this week.

Thank you to all of the parents as well this week, for attending any of the events we have had and for your continued support. You can find some photos of the Stay and Play session attached below :

When we return back to school after the break for the Summer 1 term, we have a school trip on that first Tuesday 16th April. Please come into school as usual that day, but with a packed lunch for the children.

We’ll be taking the bus to The Garden Museum to learn about plants and vegetables.  Our Half Term Topic is How Does Your Garden Grow? so a lot of the term will be focused on the natural world. When we return from the Museum, we’ll write sentences about our time there.

Our book of the week is ‘A Butterfly is Patient’ by Dianna Hutts Aston. We’ll also use this book in our RE lesson. We’ll think about the meaning of patience, and talk about times when we have had to be patient.

In Mathematics, we’ll be looking at subtraction. So far the children have answered questions involving ‘one less’.

Over the break, you can help to support this learning by encouraging your child to use their fingers to help them answer addition questions within 10, and by asking them, “what is one less than …”.

In Phonics, we’ll be looking at CVCC words (e.g. went, hand, lamp), and reviewing Phase 2 digraphs and 3 long vowel sounds.

Of course, please continue to read with your child over the holidays!

If you’d like to challenge your child, have them write at least one sentence a day, about their day.

For example “Today we will go to church.” You’ll find though they may require more support at the beginning, they’ll become more independent as the days pass, and of course don’t forget to celebrate their efforts.

PE will now be on Wednesdays, and we’re lucky to be working with an external gymnast each week.


Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Best wishes,

Miss Hardy

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