London’s Biggest Breakfast


This morning the Year 5 choir sang at Roast in Borough Market to help raise money for the London’s Biggest Breakfast initiative, organised by the Mayor’s Fund for London. The children sang a number of songs for diners who contributed generously.

 The event was organised in response to the following statement:

Many children come to school too hungry to learn. Research shows that 1 in 4 children have only one healthy meal a day (school lunch) and 32% of school children regularly miss breakfast.

£5 buys breakfast for a child for a month.

Once again well done to our Class 5 singers and many thanks to the staff at Roast who made us feel so welcome and provided us with a tasty breakfast.

London’s Biggest Breakfast

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  • Well done to all Class 5 singers, what a wonderful thing to be involved in. 

  • I really enjoyed the singing and eating the breakfast I want to thank you Roast and Debra!


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