Autumn1 week 2 – Wisdom

Stars of the Week: Beatrix and Noella

Well done to Beatrix and Noella for your thoughtful contributions to our topic on the wisdom of the Proverbs! You produced some beautiful display work and thought carefully about the wisdom that you try to follow in your own lives.

Have a look at our beautiful display!

Next week we will be learning… about the skeletons of different animals; and we will continue reading our class text, Oliver and the Seawigs.

Autumn 1 Week 1 – Welcome to Year 3!

Stars of the Week: Thomas and Saraea

Class 3 have made a fantastic start to the new school year, and are getting on brilliantly with all the new things for KS2. Well done for returning to school so keen to learn and ready for new challenges, such as learning Spanish!

A special well done to Thomas and Saraea who have worked particularly hard on their presentation skills this week, and have made some really interesting contributions to class discussions.

Here is the Spanish we learnt this week. Try to practise with your friends and family!

Next week, we will be learning about representing numbers to 1,000 in maths.

Spring 2 Week 4- The Edible Garden

Star of the week: Obinna and Yvette

In Class 3 we are learning where and how a variety of ingredients are grown. We have started by discussing a range of herbs such as Chives, Parsley, Basil, Rosemary and Mint. Most of Class 3 identified that they had already tasted these in a range of their favourite dishes, as they add lots of flavour. Well done Class 3, excellent work!



Spring 2 Week 3- Bikeability

Star of the week: Henry and Maidie

Over the past couple of days, Class 3 have practised their cycling skills with the help of two instructors from Cycle Confident. All of Class 3 had lots of fun whilst refining their skills on a bicycle. They were taught how to stay safe on their bikes, and how to manoeuvre confidently around the Key Stage 2 playground. Excellent work Class 3!

Spring 2 Week 2- Book Week

Star of the week: Anashe and Sebastian


At the beginning of the week, Class 3 read a book about Fatima Al- Fihri. Fatima was an inspirational woman, and she founded the world’s first university. With this in mind, Class 3 have been writing a letter to a university. The aim is to persuade the admissions team to let them attend the university to study their favourite subject.  After writing their first draft, Class 3 then shared their work with Class 4.

In addition to this, Class 3 have also enjoyed a range of other new books this week – both fiction and non-fiction. Here are some photos of our ‘Book Week’ so far.


Spring 2 Week 1- Science Museum

Star of the week: All of Class 3

Yesterday, Class 3 visited the Science Museum to explore, and to learn lots of scientific information. Firstly, we watched a special science show and saw some amazing experiments. Then, we explored the Wonderlab! As Class 3 were exploring, they were asked to focus on anything that involved forces and magnets as that is our new topic. Class 3, what did you find out about forces and magnets?



Spring 1 Week 5- History Day

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Star of the week: Beatrice and Stanley

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For history day, Class 3 began their learning journey on… the Romans! Our day began by writing and reading Roman numerals. After our special history assembly, we then learnt about Roman soldiers and Roman Gods and Goddesses. During our P.E. lesson, we practised hoop rolling (an ancient tradition that carried on for centuries) and created an amphitheatre shape out of cones. The spectators (Class 3) stood around the amphitheatre and cheered on their team (either blue or red) whilst they battled to the death!

Class 3’s Candlemas Service

Class 3 led their first ever service at Southwark Cathedral today. All of Class 3 read  clearly, and their reflections and prayers were extremely thoughtful. Thank you Class 3 for telling us all about Candlemas, and sharing with us your thoughts about Jesus being presented in the temple as the light of the world.  Here are some photos of them in action!