Autumn 2 Week 2

Stars of the week: Maia and Constance

I was blown away by the imaginative ideas and descriptive writing of Maia and Constance in Extended writing this week. You both managed to use your writing to build a clear and evocative picture of life in a Viking village. Well done!

A huge well done to Class 4 for their first swimming session this week. Class 4 were beautifully behaved and confidently gave it a go, even those who had never swam before! The children have now been assessed so they will start their swimming lessons properly next week.

In English this week we have been writing Viking-style riddles and poems, called Kennings. Class 4 followed the kenning style carefully and came up with original descriptive ideas. Here are a few examples:



In Maths this week we continued to look at place value and had a go at problem-solving. Class 4 showed so much perseverance with their trial and error methods and are focusing on explaining their maths thinking clearly.

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