Spring 2 Week 4 – Theatre Trip to the Unicorn

Stars of the week: Charles and Polina

This week in Class 4, we had a very exciting trip to the Unicorn Theatre to watch Gulliver’s Travels. The children behaved incredibly well and enjoyed watching a alternative version of the story – about a young girl called Grace who wanted to explore the world! The children were able to make links to our work in History and they even spotted a short cameo from Queen Elizabeth I!

Class 4 have also been completing their Maths and English assessments this week. Well done to everyone for working so hard.

In Geography, we have been looking at earthquakes. The children what causes them, and how scientists accurately measure them. Well done to Charles who was so interested in learning more about earthquakes and made some great points about their locations in the world.

In D.T., we have been making our mechanisms for our recycling posters. Class 4 looked at existing examples and attempted to make some mechanisms of their own.


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