Spring 2, Week 3 – All Creatures Great and Small!

Stars of The Week: Kayleigh & Harry

This week Nursery have been learning about how Christians believe God created the world. Kayleigh and Harry thought carefully about different things that God created. They suggested lots of different animals and plants that they are thankful for. Well Done!

Here is a poem that might help you remember what God created.

Day one brought heaven earth and light.
It must have been so very bright!
Day two God made the clear blue sky.
A place for many birds to fly.
Day three brought land apart from seas.
With all the plants grass and trees.
Day four shone forth moon, stars and sun.
The work of God was not yet done.
Day five we see the fish and birds.
God did all of this with just His words.
Day six God formed all beasts and man
To finish His creation plan.
Day seven was especially blessed,
A day for worship and for rest.

What are you thankful for that God created?

Next week: Next week in Nursery we will be showing the teachers how much we have learnt! We are going to be reviewing all the sounds we have learned in Phonics and also showing how we can use these to help us write about animals.

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