Summer 1, Week 3!

This week we studied the painting ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent van Gogh. We looked carefully at it and talked about what we could see. We thought about why these colours had been used, and how the painting made us feel.

We then created our own starry night paintings, using tinfoil, pains, cotton buds and paintbrushes. We created swirls, lines and marks with the cotton buds, looking carefully at the colours used in the painting. We then used black paint and paintbrushes to create shapes and buildings.

Take a look at our fantastic creations below!

Eliza and Leonardo
This week, both Eliza and Leonardo have enjoyed being artists, creating their own ‘The Starry Night’ paintings. They were able to talk about what they could see in the painting, and how it made them feel.
Both children have also enjoyed making rockets in our workshop this week, demonstrating a range of skills independently, including using scissors to cut, sticking with both glue and masking tape, as well as creating their own design onto their rocket.
Well done Eliza and Leonardo!

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