Summer 2, Week 5 – Super Shoppers

Stars of the week: All of Nursery!

Well done to all of Nursery who have had a really busy week! Not only have we been enjoying being pirates looking for treasure, but we have also had Stay and Play with our grown ups and our first ever trip out of school. Miss Bailey, Miss Godsell and Debbie are all proud of how well you have done this week Nursery! You are all superstars!

We enjoyed going on our very first trip out of school this week. We visited Sainburys purchase some fruit to make some healthy fruit skewers to share with our parents at stay and play. In pairs we walked sensibly on the footpath to Sainburys. When we were there we carefully chose the fruit that we had written on our shopping list. We were ready to pay for it, but the kind manager in Sainsburys donated the fruit to our school. When we came back to school we cut the fruit up and made some lovely skewers to share at Stay and Play. Our photos from Stay and Play will be shared early next week – thank you to all the grown ups who came to play with us!
Here are some photos of us on our trip.

Next week: In Phonics we will be continuing to practise our blending and segmenting skills. In maths, we will be applying all we have learnt this year by playing maths games. We will be getting ready for reception too, practising our independence in the class and having lunch like we will when we are in Reception.

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