Summer 2, Week 3!

At the end of last week, we were so excited when another four eggs hatched! We have been lucky to be able to look after five ducks before they go back to the farm!

We have enjoyed watching them spend time in their pen, as well as stroking and even holding them!
We thought carefully about what we need to do to look after them –
“They need clean water everyday.” – Arabella
“We cuddle them.” – Harry
“Stroke them.” – Diya
“They live in a cage so they don’t run away.” – Timothy
“They have special duckling food.” – Nika
“They cuddle each other.” – Sadie

Stars of the Week!
Sadie and Arabella
Well done to both girls who had some great ideas about how to look after the ducks, and spent lots of time talking to them, and enjoyed stroking and holding them.

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