Summer 2 Week 4

Stars of the week Anusha and Kayden

This week Nursery Class had a special visit from Blue the police dog and his handler Jamie.

The children listened carefully as Jamie explained how Blue helps them to find things that might be lost.

Blue showed off just how good he is at finding things when Jamie got him to find a small bag that he had hidden, under a tyre, in the playground. Blue found it very quickly.

The children asked Jamie some interesting questions and were able to give Blue a pat if they wanted.

We gave Blue a pack of tennis balls for being such a helpful dog and doing a great job.

Well done to Anusha and Kayden. You listened so carefully to our visitor and were very sensible with Blue the dog.


Summer 2 Week 3

Stars of the week Ezra and Betty

This week, after focusing on the story, the children created their own paper gingerbread men, in the busy, Nursery ‘workshop’.

Here, the children are encouraged to explore being creative using paper, pens, scissors, glue and various collage materials.

Both Betty and Ezra spend lots of their time making in the workshop area. They are particularly creative and skilful. Ezra focuses intently on his ideas, while Betty loves creating colourful and intricate pieces.

Summer 2 Week 2

Stars of the week Malique and Ruby

Nursery class have been making some excellent progress with their writing. More and more, the children are trying to, independently, write their names, captions, letters and labels. They all work hard to remember to use their ‘crunchy crocodile’ pencil grip and how to form each letter.

Malique is now able to identify the initial sounds of the words he wants to write and can form clear letter shapes. Whilst Ruby has been practising blending sounds to read and write CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, such as hat, by herself.
Great work everyone!

Summer 2- Week 1

Stars of the week Yoki and Ava

Nursery Class have been exploring pattern this week. Almost all of the children are now able to continue a simple repeating pattern and have been creating their own, using different colours and shapes.

Both Ava and Yoki created interesting and complex repeating patterns and were able to explain their work.

Super work you two!


Summer 1- Week 5

Stars of the week- All of Nursery

This week Nursery went on their very first class trip to Surrey Docks Farm.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and the animals were just coming out of their pens as we arrived. The children saw donkeys, goats, sheep and lambs, ducks, cows, chickens, pigs and tiny piglets. Then we walked along the beds with growing vegetables and fruit trees.

All of the class behaved beautifully throughout the morning and were a credit to the school.

Summer 1 Week 4

Summer 1 Week 4

Stars of the Week- All of Nursery

After much anticipation, Nursery’s eggs hatched this week. We have six chicks; two black and four yellow. The children, who kept a watchful eye on the eggs whilst they were incubating, have named the birds Peter, Paul, Lila, Oscar, Violet and Lily.

All of Nursery Class have behaved impeccably with the chicks; demonstrating real patience and gentleness. So many of the children have sat beside the tank this week, quietly watching the birds and hearing their small cheeps.

When given the opportunity to stroke the chicks today, everyone was so beautifully quiet and calm that we were able to let the chicks roam free on the carpet inside the circle.

Well done Nursery!



Summer 1 Week 3

Stars of the week  Rory and Albert

This week Nursery Class learnt how to successfully plant seeds. After reading Jack and The Beanstalk, the children eagerly planted their own bean seeds, which we will be monitoring closely over the coming weeks.

Both Albert and Rory did a great job of listening to the instructions, worked carefully with the equipment and remembered the steps needed to get their new plants off to a good start.


Summer 1- Week 2

Stars of the week Lennon and Lola 

Quotes of the week
How does it happen?’ ‘It must be magic inside there.’

Continuing with our theme of new life and growth, this week, Nursery Class have been looking at the lifecycle of a butterfly.

As well as enjoying the story of, Eric Carle’s, The Hungry Caterpillar, the children have watched real life footage of its transformation.

The children sequenced and labelled pictures of the lifecycle and talked about each stage.

Lennon and Lola were able to describe the lifecycle in good detail and made a great effort sounding out words for their labels.

Summer 1 – Week 1

An egg-citing start to the Summer Term in Nursery

Nursery Class have come back to school full of energy and enthusiasm and have welcomed an exciting delivery to the classroom.

As part of our topic on new life and growth, this half term, we are incubating seven eggs. This week, the children made predictions about what animals they think will hatch out. We had a range of interesting suggestions, including dinosaurs and alligators!

We’ll keep you posted.

An egg-cellent Stay & Play!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported Nursery’s Easter Stay & Play this morning!

We hope that you all had as much fun as we did making lots of Easter crafts. It was a lovely way to end another very busy term.

We hope that you all have an enjoyable and restful Easter break!