Summer 1, Week 5: Sprouting Plants and Butterflies!

Stars of the Week: Alberto & Thomas

Well done to Thomas and Alberto who this week have used their phonics to label plants. Alberto has been working so hard on his phonic and writing skills and is making amazing progress, recording all the sounds he can hear in a word! Thomas is confidently applying his phonics and is now writing beautiful sentences, with finger spaces and full stops.

Here is some of our lovely labelling from this week.

A few weeks ago we showed you the arrival of our caterpillars. Last week they went into their chrysalis and then this week, they have hatched into beautiful butterflies! We are enjoying watching them fly around the butterfly garden. We also shared planting our seeds, which, thanks to lovely sunny weather and watering them everyday have grown – some of them are very long! Take a look at the pictures to see our butterflies and plants!

Next week: In Phonics will will look at reading words with long vowel sounds in. In Maths we will look at odd and even numbers. Next Wednesday is History Day, so we will be learning about and celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Summer 1, Week 4: There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden…

Stars of the Week: Emma & Tehya

This week Emma and Tehya wrote about ‘Wiggly Woo’. Both children did a fantastic job! They used their phonic skills to segment words, and record a letter shape for each sound they could hear. Well done both of you! Keep up your super writing!

This week we have been showing all of the wonderful things that we can do. We learned the rhyme Wiggly Woo (you can listen to it here). Using our Tales Toolkit bags, we explored telling a story about Wiggly Woo. We wrote about what he could see in the garden, as well as some adventures he went on. Have a look at our fantastic writing.

Next week:Next week we will begin looking at Phase 4 Phonics! We will combine our literacy and topic work, exploring the parts of a plant and labelling them. In maths, we will be exploring number bonds to 10 – being able to combine two amounts.

Summer 1, Week 3: Growing!

Stars of the week:: Alexander and Grace

This week Alexander and Grace have been observing and watching how things have been growing and changing in our classroom. They noticed that the caterpillars have been getting longer, and they also saw that some of our beans and sunflowers that we planted last week have started to grow! Well done!

This week, we also read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and wrote lists of the food he ate. We are excited that our caterpillars are growing too!

Next week: It is a week where we get to revisit and review all of our learning, and show the teachers what we know. We will continue to practice our skipping skills in PE and also start to look at the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Summer 1, Week 2: Pizza Chefs at Pizza Express

Stars of the week: Jonah and Avani

Well done to Jonah and Avani this week who were fantastic pizza chefs at Pizza Express! The listened carefully to the pizzaiolos instructions and made some delicious pizza!

This week we went on a wonderful trip to Bankside PizzaExpress. After arriving at the restaurant and cleaning our hands, we were each given pizza dough. We flattened it out and then practiced our pizza toss (to get rid of the extra flour!). Then we put on some tomato sauce and then spread over some delicious cheese. Once our pizzas were ready the pizzaiolos cooked our pizzas in the huge ovens.
Once we got back to school, we ate our pizzas for lunch – having a little pizza party. Our pizzas were “delicious”, “really cheesy” and “yummy”.

Next Week: Next week we will continue to practise reading longer words in Phonics. We will be using our phonics skills to write lists. In maths we will be exploring solving problems. In our topic learning we will continue watching our caterpillars and seeds grow!

Summer 1, Week 1: How do things grow?

Stars of the week: Lucia-Jane & Aviva

Well done to Lucia-Jane and Aviva who are our stars of the week this first week back in our new term. We started our new topic – ‘How do things grow?’. Lucia-Jane and Aviva asked thoughtful questions, were very enthusiastic and were able to talk about what they had learnt.

Here are some photos of the class investigating what things grow, take a look at what they found:

Next week: In Maths, we will be learning how a number can be partitioned into more that two numbers. In Literacy, we will be writing instructions on how to plant a seed. We will also be going on our trip to Pizza Express so keep an eye out for those photos next week.

Spring 2, Week 6: Our First Ever Collective Worship & Easter Stay and Play

Stars of the week: All of Reception!

Well done to all of Reception class this week for your AMAZING Collective Worship. You all worked so hard to learn your lines, and you delivered them so clearly and loudly! We are very proud of you!

Thank you to all the parents to coming to our Stay and Play! We hope that you had a wonderful morning spending time learning with us!

Spring 2, Week 5: Rhyme Time!

Stars of the Week: Tara & Ibrahim

Well done to Tara and Ibrahim who are our stars this week. They have done some amazing rhyming this week, and are able to say and write down rhyming strings. Super work!

This week we have been rhyming words together! Look at the picture above and try to find the rhyming word. Can you think of any more rhyming words?

Next week: It will be another busy week! We will finishing our learning about habitats. We will be presenting our Collective Worship, and we are looking forward to Stay and Play with our grown ups. We will be celebrating Easter, leading up to the Cathedral service, where we will be singing our song with Nursery and Year 1!

Spring 2, Week 4: A trip to the Aquarium!

Stars of the Week: Raina and Louie

Well Done to Raina and Louie. This week they have shown lots of enthusiasm for learning about creatures who live under the sea. In their writing task this week they both used their phonics to write amazing sentences, making sure they used finger spaces and full stops and trying to use capital letters. You two should be proud!

This week Reception went on a wonderful trip to the London Aquarium. We had a wonderful time seeing all the fantastic sea creatures. Some of our favourites were the jellyfish, sea turtles, sharks, clownfish and the octopus!
Here are photos of our trip!

Next week In Phonics we will continue our review of Phase 3 trigraphs and digraphs. In Literacy we will be exploring rhyming words. As part of our topic work, we will be comparing desert and polar habitats, looking at the animals that live there. Children have also been given their lines for our upcoming Collective Worship – please help children to learn these.

Spring 2, Week 3: Book Week

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

Reception were such enthusiastic learners throughout every book week activity! Every day you looked forward to checking if anything had changed in the library, and were so careful when we were able to visit the dragon. Your behaviour during the author workshop was excellent and the creativity you showed making the dragon eggs and paper plate dragons was fantastic! Additionally you all looked fantastic in your Book Day costumes – well done all of you!

During our dragon themed Book Week, Reception read the story Tell Me A Dragon. We made some beautiful dragons, as well as dragon eggs. Once we had made our dragons, we wrote a description of them, using adjectives such as big, fierce, angry to describe what they looked like and how they act.

We loved reading with our Reading Buddies from Class 4 as well as having a parent come and share a story with us.

Here are some photos of us enjoying Book Week.

Next Week: We will be showing off all that we can do in Assessment Week. On Wednesday we are looking forward to our trip to learn more about ‘Habitats’.