Autumn 2, Week 2: In the city…

Stars of the week: Louie and Amelia

Well done to Louie and Amelia, who have worked so hard in their writing this week! This week we have been writing lists of things we can find in a city. Both Louie and Amelia carefully listened to the sounds that they could hear in words and then recorded one of their phonic sounds! Well done both of you!

This week we read the book ‘In the city’ by Dominika Lipniewska. The book is all about the day in the life of a busy city – just like London! We enjoyed looking at the colourful pages and thinking about, then writing a list of all the different things that we could see.
What can you see in the city?

Next week: In phonics we will learn the sounds ff, ll, ss and j. We are also looking forward to our very first trip on Wednesday! Next week we will share all the pictures with you.

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