Spring 2, Week 3: Book Week

Stars of the Week: All of Reception

Reception were such enthusiastic learners throughout every book week activity! Every day you looked forward to checking if anything had changed in the library, and were so careful when we were able to visit the dragon. Your behaviour during the author workshop was excellent and the creativity you showed making the dragon eggs and paper plate dragons was fantastic! Additionally you all looked fantastic in your Book Day costumes – well done all of you!

During our dragon themed Book Week, Reception read the story Tell Me A Dragon. We made some beautiful dragons, as well as dragon eggs. Once we had made our dragons, we wrote a description of them, using adjectives such as big, fierce, angry to describe what they looked like and how they act.

We loved reading with our Reading Buddies from Class 4 as well as having a parent come and share a story with us.

Here are some photos of us enjoying Book Week.

Next Week: We will be showing off all that we can do in Assessment Week. On Wednesday we are looking forward to our trip to learn more about ‘Habitats’.

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