Summer 1, Week 2: Pizza Chefs at Pizza Express

Stars of the week: Jonah and Avani

Well done to Jonah and Avani this week who were fantastic pizza chefs at Pizza Express! The listened carefully to the pizzaiolos instructions and made some delicious pizza!

This week we went on a wonderful trip to Bankside PizzaExpress. After arriving at the restaurant and cleaning our hands, we were each given pizza dough. We flattened it out and then practiced our pizza toss (to get rid of the extra flour!). Then we put on some tomato sauce and then spread over some delicious cheese. Once our pizzas were ready the pizzaiolos cooked our pizzas in the huge ovens.
Once we got back to school, we ate our pizzas for lunch – having a little pizza party. Our pizzas were “delicious”, “really cheesy” and “yummy”.

Next Week: Next week we will continue to practise reading longer words in Phonics. We will be using our phonics skills to write lists. In maths we will be exploring solving problems. In our topic learning we will continue watching our caterpillars and seeds grow!

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