Summer 2, Week 4: We are Unique!

Stars of the week: Micah and Henry

Well Done to Micah and Henry who were great detectives when we were matching baby photos with our photos now! They worked so well with each other and other children in the group, looking carefully at the pictures looking for things that were similar and things that weren’t. Super detective work!

This week we have been thinking about what makes us unique. We compared our baby photos and our photos now. We spoke about the things we could do that we couldn’t do when we were babies. Some things we can do now are write our names, run really fast and climb on the pirate ship. We also thought about the things that made us unique and looked at our differences, like different hair, and different eyes.

Next week: We will continue to practise getting ready for Year 1 by doing a carousel of English and Maths activities. We are looking forward to sharing with you our Collective Worship and enjoying Stay and Play with you next week.

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