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Rights of the Child

Cathedral Primary School is proud to have achieved Unicef’s Rights Respecting Schools Award Level 1. We are passionate about helping children and adults know more about children’s rights as agreed in the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and actively assisting children to access them. Find out more about what we do in and outside of school on this website.


Find out how assemblies in school help children to understand about rights and the convention, and also how children are increasing responsible for leading collective worship. Learn More…

Our School Charter

Discover how we created our School Charter with the school community and what impact it has had on the school. A colourful, vibrant document which encapsulates the relationships and ethos of the school. Learn More…

Pupil Voice

The opinions of children at Cathedral Primary are always listened to and taken seriously. Find out how children really can make a difference in school. Learn More…

Keep Up-To-Date with our Blog

Our Rights Respecting School blog will keep you informed about how our work on Rights is transforming the school. Don’t miss anything and check out the latest news.