New Reading Scheme

New Reading Books

This week your child will be given a reading book from the new reading scheme. Here at Cathedral School we are very excited about these new books as they offer children an opportunity to read a wider range of books including graphic novels, non-fiction, traditional tales and classics.   One of the key features of every book is a guide inside the cover that will support parents in asking a range of questions to develop their child’s Higher Order Reading skills such as comprehension, deduction, inference  and retrieval, as well as word recognition.

We very much valued the feedback we received from children, governors, staff  and parents when we were considering changing our reading scheme and really hope that you and your child enjoy reading the new books and that they support your child in developing their reading skills alongside a lifelong enjoyment of reading.

New Reading Scheme

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  • Brilliant. I am very impressed with the new reading scheme, the guide at the back and front makes discussing the book really easy and encourages to involve both the parent and the child.
    Plus, this scheme is so much more pleasant and interesting to read, especially the KS2 topics. ( I recommend “How to shock your parents”, which was hilarious.)
    Thank you!

  • I like the books in the school because they are really interesting.

  • I like the new reading scheme because the books are more interesting

  • The new books are very funny.


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