Cathedral School Literacy Survey Results

Thank you to all of the people who responded to our Cathedral School Literacy Survey. You all made some very positive and helpful comments. Through your answers, you have shown that you enjoy a great range of fun and engaging activities and that you especially like writing stories. You have let us know how much you value the marking, comments and feedback you get from others at school about how to make your work even better. You also told us that you like working through your targets which help you know what you need to do to improve. Thank you for your comments about how to make Literacy even better, we will take them into account!

Here are just a few of the comments that were made in response to the survey. Have a look at the English Blog to see many more.

“I like when we plan for the next day.”

“Sometimes we get to write stories and our teacher makes our minds go wild.”

“We always learn something new.”

“That we can learn lots of fun and interesting things.”

“I get very positive marking.”

“I feel happy.”

“Miss Hayfield has a smile on her face.”

“I check my writing very carefully, see if  I made any spelling mistakes and change the word.”

Cathedral School Literacy Survey Results

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