Mobile Recycling Centre

Mobile Recycling Centre at Cathedral School

For the next 3 Wednesday’s after school Southwark’s Mobile Recycling Centre will be visiting Cathedral School. This is your chance to send all those bulky household items to a recycling centre instead of sending them to landfill! The Recycling Centre accepts the following items:

  • Textiles and shoes
  • Small (electrical) appliances
  • Batteries
  • Tapes and discs
  • Wood and timber
  • Bulky cardboard

The more we can recycle the better it is for our planet!

 National Recycling Week  June 17th – 21st .

To celebrate it at Cathedral School, we are looking for new ways to recycle items both in our houses and at school. If you can think of an ingenious way to recycle something either at school or at home, please leave a comment. These will then be put on our Eco Board so that everyone can be a recycling superstar!

Key Stage 2 Challenge: Can you think of an acrostic poem for the word ‘RECYCLE’? Either leave a comment, or write it out (on recycled paper of course!) and hand it to your teacher.

Mobile Recycling Centre

0 thoughts on “Mobile Recycling Centre

  • Recycle

    Everyday Recycle

    Can you Recycle?

    You can Recycle

    Cans you can Recycle

    Lets Recycle now!!

    Earth is not rubbish.

    My Acrostic Poem.

  • Recycling is good
    Enviromental help
    Caring for the earth
    You can do it!
    Clean up and recycle
    Let’s do it!
    Earth should be treated fairly

    By Faber xXx


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