The History of Film!

Cathedral Primary School’s Class 4 worked film-maker Sam Lawlor to to explore the history of film. Pupils researched the ages of cinema and scripted short scenes depicting different eras. After acting and filming on location around the Southbank, they practised editing techniques and using special effects.


The History of Film!

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  • Well done Class 4!! I have seen your film at least 3 times today and I’m still learning something new each time I watch. I thought your film was so creative, especially the use of green screen and other special effects. The film also made me laugh.
    Once again, well done and congratulations on a wonderful piece of film making.

  • The History of Film is a funny film about…well, the history of film! Explore the past with this educational (but cool) video! You will be amazed when you watch this. You will find out things that I bet you never knew! There are 5 sections in this epic new film. It probably deserves a prize! Featuring The Charleston and much more! 

    So don’t be bored: ¬_¬
    Be excited!: 😀 :O

    Out now!

     A Review By Faber x

  • I really enjoyed making this film. Can we do it again?

  • Year 4 – what stars ! Fantastic – the film was awesome and I too want to see it again ! I will definitely recommend this to many other friends , family and colleagues . 
    Well done all of you . 
    Best wishes 
    Dame Sylvia 

  • That was fabulous! I’m so glad someone told me to go and look at this film. Some amazing acting and it all looks such fun. What a great way to learn.



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