DT Week


From the 18th to the 22nd of November Cathedral School became a Design and Technology Manufacturing School! During DT Week we focused on designing and making high-quality products that were evaluated at the end of the week.

Each class chose a different project. From Monster Scarers to Puppets and Cushions, we had it all!

This is what we created:

Nursery: Monster Scarers

Reception: Photo Frames

Year 1 : Pop Up Puppets

Year 2: Hand Puppets

Year 3: Bowls

Year 4 : Money Bags

Year 5: Bridges

Year 6: Cushions

After working hard all week, on Wednesday 27th November, the inaugural Cathedral School Design Expo was held in the hall. All of the wonderful products were laid out for the rest of the school to see. Key Stage 2 children helped the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 students give constructive feedback, in the form of stars, wishes and questions.

“I like how you used different materials to make different clothes”

“I like the bells, they will scare the monsters away”

“I like how you stuck the design on carefully. Well done!”

“Next time, it would be great to see some neat stitching.”

Please leave a comment about which product you like, or ask any questions you have!


DT Week

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