What will you write in your journal?

At the end of the Autumn Term each child from Reception to Year 6 was given their own journal to use over the Christmas break.journal

Many thanks to a group of children from Year 6 who helped to put the journals together.

Some children asked, ‘What can I put in my journal?’

Here are some ideas:

  • Book reviews
  • Diary entries
  • Handwriting and spelling
  • Film reviews
  • An exciting story
  • Mathematical word problems
  • A biography (of a family member, inventor, person from history etc.)
  • Recipes
  • Invent a game to play
  • Instructions
  • A poem

We are looking forward to welcoming pupils back to school on January 8th and giving them the opportunity to share their journal with their class. There will be a prize for the best 2 journals in each class.

What have you written in your journal?

What will you write in your journal?

0 thoughts on “What will you write in your journal?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed filing our journals up to the brim. Mine included two film reviews: The Hobbit and the Harry Hill Movie. It had art I had created using my Christmas presents, Times Tables Squares and adventurous vocabulary and spelling. With much much more!  

  • That journal was so useful because I had such a long holiday and a busy one, that when everybody was asking me I would just look in my journal! Thank you Mrs Scott for organising those journals! Are we going to have journals again, Mrs Scott?


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