A Published Author

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We are so proud to announce that Miss Scade has written a book! Last year she was commissioned by Practical Pre-School Books to write a guide to outstanding early years provision. The book entitled “Outstanding Early Years Provision in Practice” has now been published and is available from amazon and directly from the publisher, we also have copies in school that you are very welcome to browse.

The book aims to support practitioners and other child care professionals to achieve outstanding and creative provision using teaching ideas that are simple and easy to replicate.

Miss Scade’s book contains a number of photos of outstanding provision at Cathedral School and pupils in Nursery and Reception enjoying the wide range of activities.

Page 94 reads, “acknowledgement goes to the staff at Cathedral School, a dedicated team who do all that the can to ensure children thrive in an exciting and inspiring environment. An enormous ‘thank you’ goes to the children at Cathedral School who teach the adults new things every day!”

We are very proud of Miss Scade and her achievement which really showcases the quality of teaching and learning at Cathedral School.

A Published Author

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  • Fabulous! Congratualtion Miss Scade, an fantastic achievement, and one which will no doubt inspire future generations of teachers and pupils alike. Another jewel in Cathedral School’s crown.

  • Wow, Miss Scade! I never knew you could write books, are you an author as well as a teacher? We’ll done, I can’t believe it!

  • Well done Miss Scade for publishing a book. It looks like a really good book. I bet there is alot of interesting facts in the book. I hope lots of people buy it. Can you teach me how to write books? Will you be writing any more books? I hope you are ! I will try to buy your book because it looks really interesting. Please tell me more about it when i see you next. And again i say well done and congratulations for writing a book!


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