Calling All Scientists!

ScienceHave you ever wondered what elephants use to brush their teeth?
Or perhaps you would like to learn how to write secret messages using invisible ink?
How about finding out how you can make a balloon blow up all by itself?
Well Cathedral School’s new Science Club is the place for you. Starting after half term; it is going to be an exciting opportunity to perform some fun scientific experiments at lunchtime.
All you need to do to be in with a chance of joining our new club is write a short message stating what part of science you find most interesting or exciting and why you would like to join Science Club.

“Science Club – unravelling the mysteries of science”

Calling All Scientists!

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  • I would like to join the science club because I love science and I would love to do all the exciting things. I hope that I can join the science club!

  • Science is really amazing because it explains almost everything. There’s no end to it and that is unbelievably amazing! I also love doing experiments; they’re really fun and I learn loads! I’d like to join Science Club  because it will be great for me to learn more and explore the technically ‘endless’ depths!

    by faber

  • I think it would be good if I went to this science club because when I’m older, I might be a scientist or do science related things so it would be good if I started thinking about that now so I can develop on it. 

  • The reason I’d like to be Science Club is because I have a passion for science I’ve been doing it for along time. Also I really want to uncover some of these mysteries. I want to be a scientist!

  • I would like to in science club because I think it will be a new experience for me; not only the invisible ink!I hope I get in, thanks.

  • I really want to be in the science club because science is my favourite subject. I personally think this will make me excel in my science knowledge.

    I want science to be my strongest subject so I will be very overjoyed if I am able to join the science club.


  • I find the most interesting part is making rockets blast off

  • I have an huge interest in science. When I am older I would like to be a scientist. I love reading science books and enjoy it when we visit the Science Museum. At home we have done some fun experiments so I can learn more about science. For example:
    1. Seeing how particles move in water (we put dye in the bath and saw how it moved around)
    2. How water travels up a stem (putting dye in water and then we saw the coloured water go up the celery)
    Some of my favourite birthday gifts have been the science ones. For example:
    1. Making a volcano by mixing chemicals – and wearing goggles! – and seeing how it erupts
    2. Making a butterfly model and making it move by using power from the sun (solar)
    3. Making a clock work with potatoes because the liquid in the potato transmits electricity
    I want to go to science club because:
    – I will enjoy learning from the experiments we would do
    – I would like to know more about science
    – It would be nice if I could learn science with some other Cathedral school members

  • I would like to be in science club because I love mixing up potions and experimenting.

  • I really want to be in the science club because science is one of my favourite subjects.

    As this will be a science club, this will help my knowledge of science to excel rapidly. It would be a great honour to join the club, so if I am able to, I will be over the moon!

  • Science is a fun lesson because you can experiment on anything and make the most weirdest and most wonderful things ever.

  • I think making invisible ink sounds really exciting plus i adore experiments!

  • I would like to join this club because I am very interested in science.
    I do a lot of different experiments and make sure they are fair tested.
    If I had to take care of a plant, I would water it every day and make sure that it gets the right amount of water each day.
    I make sure I do every thing carefully especially if it was a rocket or invisible ink.
    I also really like science because I like finding out what will happen next.
    Please have a really good think about this and I really hope that I get in.
    This was a great opportunity!

  • I would like to join science club because I am curious to see how things work.The most exciting thing about science is testing out your experiment.


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