Elephant’s Toothpaste

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  • Today it was so fun making elephant toothpaste.
    We used carbon-peroxide, washing liquid and yeast. Then we talked about how we made and also how it felt.I could feel the touch of happiness. Afterwards, we signed  the rules and went to wash our hands. 
    My friends and I were talking about how relived we were because we got into science club.
    At the end of the day, Jason gave us our own science club badge.

  • In science club we made elephant’s tooth paste. It is not really elephant’s toothpaste but it is called elephant’s tooth paste because there is a big chemical reaction. What we used:
    1.Carbon peroxide
    2.hot water
    3.food coloring
    and most importantly 5 aprons and rubber gloves!

    This experiment was VERY MESSY!

  • I would like to come to science club it is so fun. Science is the best.

  • I learnt how to make Elephant Toothpaste in Science Club and am buying the ingredients to make more soon!

  • it was so fun!

  • Oh my, how did you make that? It is epic! Really astonishing!

  • Wow how on earth did you make it?

  • That looks really cool what else will you make?


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