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“Tomorrow you will be interviewed by BBC Radio London, you will be asked about the Fare-Share project and the gardening you are doing” Mrs Scott said on a regular Wednesday afternoon. What if a made a mistake? What if I forget to say anything?

But time flew by and I found myself sitting on the bench with a few other children; we were going to go live in a few seconds. Soon the mike came to me and within a couple of seconds it was done. I felt very lucky to be chosen to speak on the radio. Now we had to go Borough Market to sell all the vegetables Kim and gardening club had grown. The job that I played was pricing all our products and making sure they weren’t too expensive or too cheap, soon Tuesday we went to the market collecting all the price listings of the vegetables we were going to sell.

When we reached the market we began to unpack all the vegetables and put them in ‘Teds Veg’ boxes ( we were advertising for them). As we waited for our customers, Kim showed us how to wrap the vegetables with newspaper. Just then Jonathan (from BBC Radio London) came and interviewed the ladies from the Fare-Share about what this project was about and how this helps the community.

Hooray! Our first customer had arrived and bought the rhubarb. Soon we were flowing with tourists and customers who were complementing us on our vegetables, and how fresh they looked. After one and a half hours, our selling time was finished – we had made £25 ( the rhubarb was the best seller) .It was really fun selling the products and it was exhilarating speaking on live radio. Thank you Kim for taking us to the market and Mrs Scott for choosing me to appear on Radio.

By Sakshi
Class 6

The children appeared on the Breakfast Show, if you are listening on iPlayer go to the following time 02:04:28

and The Vanessa Feltz Show, if you are listening on iPlayer go to the following time: 02:04:28.

BBC Radio London

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  • Well done gardening club I’m sure you all did brilliant selling and being on the radio live! You should be all proud making £25!


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