Good Practice Award

Cathedral School has been awarded a Good Practice Award by Southwark local authority for the quality of the school website, particularly the opportunities for pupil and parent engagement and interaction.

Cathedral School was one of 3 schools presented with a Good Practice Award. Our Deputy Headteacher Mr. Scott, who designed and built the website from scratch 2 years ago, collected the award from the Mayor of Southwark.

The judges felt our website was outstanding as it reflected the ethos of the school, the vibrancy of the curriculum and the enthusiasm of the school community.

trophy All teachers are responsible for their own class pages and subject blogs which showcase outstanding learning at school and further afield. The website also gives children a chance to extend their learning at home and celebrate achievements, while parents are kept informed. The local authority were also impressed with the high levels of interactivity and creativity – they loved reading the comments on the blogs!

We appreciate all of the positive feedback we regulary receive from the school community,

“The school internet and website is brilliant. It showcases on a regular basis the excellent work of the pupils and their teachers.” Parent 2014

“I would like to add that Mr Scott did an amazing job on setting up the website! A huge amount of work went into this and most of it in his ‘free’ time. Having just completed my work website, I really get how time consuming this is.” School Governor July 2014

Good Practice Award

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