Book Week Fun

Everyone at Cathedral School had such a fantastic time and learned so much during World Book Week.  One of the best things was discovering new authors and remembering forgotten favourites. A very exciting part of the day was the ‘Choose a story session’. Children were able to choose a story from a selection before finding out which teacher would read it to them.

The children and staff at Cathedral School also dressed up as their favourite book characters and authors. The effort and creativity that went into the costumes was staggering. The staff were so impressed with the fact that all children could not only name the character they had dressed up as but that they could also describe them and talk about the story they appear in.



Here are just a few more examples of what we got up to.

Book Week Fun

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  • I dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones). I thought the outfits were really cool!


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